Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gallop, Part Deux

Nothing says Autumn to me like an equestrian throwback.  Maybe it's because in the fall when I went back to school we rode horses and got graded on tacking and grooming for P.E. class.  (I didn't think it was too fair since some girls seemed to live at the barn and obviously passed this with flying colors.)  Or maybe it's simply because nothing says "new season of crisp air and shorter days" like picking apples in your riding boots or meandering to field hockey practice in your J. Crew barn jacket. 
Therefore it seems obvious that any horse-related item at this point in August can send me reeling into a spiral of back-to-school ideals.  Allow these images (and future ones) to inspire the equestrienne in you, and don't forget to take those boots to the cobbler.  It's almost time...

Insanely incredible pipe from a museum in coastal Connecticut, sent to me by scout-at-large AHN. This piece is amazing. It should inspire an entire collection of looks and goods and a whole lifestyle. 

Yabusame Necklace of ceramic, brass, and ribbon from Anthropologie by Marion Vidal.  Made in France, $598.

*Yabusame is a Japanese mounted archer. Appropriate since our school mascot where I rode and tacked (and cleaned stalls as punishment) those horses was an Archer...

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