Saturday, July 7, 2012


Happy Hundred Degree Saturday!
While in Ohio I was held over an extra day because of thunderstorms. My mother has lately been reminding me of her "go with the flow" ideals. During the delay we visited a local library to read and wait out the storms. Inside we searched their ongoing book sale room and scored some gorgeous books for great deals.
Below is a photo of the print inside the cover of one of the beautiful antique books we bought on my redirected day.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Taste of Home

Since the 1930s my family has been going to the same fish house on Lake Erie. We call it "Harry's" or "Brennan's"; it's changed owners every few decades and I am not really sure what the proper name is right now. What I do know is that my grandmother swore to me that the taste of the food has never changed.

I'm pretty sure Harry was some distant cousin of mine and I'm also sure he invented the fresh cut French fry (although it is seemingly possible he did not). They serve Lake Erie Perch, draft beer, chowder (of some kind), those legendary French fries, and the best grilled cheeses I've ever eaten. I'm not a fish person. It was key that Harry's have grilled cheese on the menu.

We spent many of my grandmother's birthdays at the large round corner table. She would always order the perch dinner and a draft beer - a bold move I always thought to myself.

Fortunately I was able to visit again while I was "home" last week. It tasted exactly the same as it has since my grandmother, my mother, and I were kids. Although simple, there is nothing lovelier than tradition and familiarity. I hope Harry's stays on through another 80+ years...whatever it's called now.