Friday, September 30, 2011

The Lost Art

I still write things down.  I love to write and use my penmanship (although it can swing from swoopy and pretty to socially disturbed).  My friend Kurt gave me an excellent book on handwriting analysis years ago.  Maybe that's why people don't hand write me anymore? 
Below are a few reasons you should put your handwriting to use, plus one adorable poster.  These Rifle Paper people have their adorable artwork down.  It's wonderful and so warm and fuzzy, I love!  These also make wonderful gifts! 
I would get a lot more done if this little guy was wearing his striped coat in my office telling me what to do.
From Rifle Paper Company, $8.

Modern day hieroglyphic rosetta stone...or cute animal pictures?  You decide. 
(since I already know my alphabet I am tempted to use these adorable animals in coded conversations...)
p.s. Thank God for the Quail, he really saves the day with the whole Q Animal Alphabet thing.
From Rifle Paper Company, $40.

They. Are. Wearing. Hats.
From Rifle Paper Company, set of eight cards $16

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How I (want to) Roll

Since most of my travel is limited to domestic flights where I check a piece of mediocre luggage (hello, I overpack and will not drag that puffed out piece through security) I do not have the need to own bespoke luggage such as Globetrotter, LV, or Goyard. 
Typing those words makes me wish for a time when train cars were boarded with trunks and assorted monogrammed pieces. If Amtrak wasn't so dodgy between major cities I might consider donning a caftan and wafting from platform to platform followed by a uniformed steward pushing a cart piled with my must-haves for the next region... We have a thing for trains in my family, but I have to say these days it doesn't go much past underground commuter railcars and freight.
Since the next best thing to the Orient Express is private jet travel I must highlight the deserving luggage that has earned some time aboard a private people mover via sky, rail, or road.  They also make chic side tables...
Globetrotter, in orange.  Monogrammed of course.  The Crew and Globetrotter are in cahoots, but I am not sure about the monogramming status of a Crew purchased piece since I have not gotten that far in my "matched amazing luggage" Life Plan.  Yet. 

Do I even need to remark on this?  Union Jack interior.  Ooooooh.  Globetrotter likes to team up with designers to do chic linings. 

Darjeeling Limited custom luggage a la Louis Vuitton.  Quilted interior?  Amaze.  My things would look so much prettier if they were tucked gently into this piece of incredible usable artistry... 

The Darjeeling Limited Collection...numbered and monogrammed.  Of course the most important part, please admire the running safari animals.  GENIUS.  It was my favorite thing about the movie.  Most props/styling are my favorite things about a movie; and leave it to Wes Anderson to reel me in with some MJ collaboration. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Proper Picnic

I love bringing the indoors out.  There is something so luxurious about an Oriental rug on a lawn or a lamp illuminating the evening on a backyard buffet. 
Now said, the reason I was attracted to the image below is obvious: dining room scene in lush outdoor space.  Chic.  But we also must visit the well done print-mixing which makes the rather cliche red-white-blue theme rather refreshing.  What cannot go overlooked, however, are the incredible navy and white gingham dining chairs. An ingenious use of a favorite (and in this case ironic) picnic print. 

Oooh...excellent picnic.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


There's only one thing missing from this picture, and it's not color. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Ol' Switcharoo

A few days ago I was in my native Northeastern Ohio basking in the September light and enjoying the heavy grey clouds that define the essential Fall Sky. While shopping for some warm-weather-fall-clothing with my Mother (she retreats south of the Mason-Dixon line while I headed back across the Mississippi) I heard a woman ask her friend: "have you switched over yet?". Sadly, I have not, and will not for some time unless some Fall crispiness arrives in this Southern latitude for a cameo.  (It does get chilly at night which gives me hope for a nice boot parade on occasion.)
This "switch over" topic seemed to occupy a lot of my conversation when I lived back East. I remember those Indian Summer days that caused us to ask: "is it too late for a sandal?". Inevitably the weather would turn brisk fifteen minutes later answering our question. 
Whether you are "switching over" to darker colored linen and adding a scarf to your favorite t-shirt - or pulling out all of the windproof gear and collecting new tights - cheers to Fall! A seasonal wardrobe marker in the passage of time and an homage to all things knitted, furry, lined, cozy, and suede. Yum.
Paris streetwear - great sweater...
Maybe just being in Paris means you know how to wrap a scarf?

Isabel Marant Fall 2011.
Do you think 72 degrees is too warm to consider such a knit...? Hmm...

DVF Fall 2011
You know I love a sequin/maxi/long sleeve/DVF anything. Not that my daily life ever calls for any of those extremes in one fell swoop - it doesn't mean you wouldn't see me considering this ensemble for a trip around Trader Joe's.
Happy Fall!  Now go get yourself a Honeycrisp apple and enjoy at that gorgeous canvas above you. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Perfect Place

I have never been to this exact beach cottage below.  What it represents is the perfect culmination of all of the gorgeous, comfy, backwoods, run-down, and essential cottages and cabins that I have been in during the summers of my life.  This being the last official weekend of summer, I thought I should share these photos. 
The place in time and space featured below is, in my mind, complete bliss.  I want to incorporate elements of this cottage living into every aspect of my life.
The Chandelier Surf Shack, I believe in Montauk.  Photos courtesy of Garance Dore's blog by the same name. 
Can one get away with so many patterns and colors in anything other than a home that is used for relaxation? The answer is yes.  If it is on the water, or if you are dedicated to owning this complete look and making it work. 

Even the fish have a chic shack for their enjoyment (and everyone else's).

I could spend the rest of my life at the end of this dock (with a few choice people, a steady stream of magazines and sweaters, and don't forget the iced tea).

The lanterns, the yard.  This is how to use a tree and a lawn properly.

I mean they have teepees.  There are teepees there.  I want this place.

Of course their beehives are striped.  Aren't they all?  This is BRILLIANT and gorgeous.  And of course it makes me want a beehive. 

Incredible bunk room. If you recall from a previous post my love of a decent bunk room. Well this goes beyond. And it makes me want to have a bunk room in my house. That's it, the guest room is going to be a bunk room.
Note the Hudson Bay blankets (never ever get these wet or think you can take them to the beach for a bonfire - they are sand sponges...).

Do I even need to address this embroidery?  Love.