Monday, December 24, 2012

Liberty Christmas Crackers

I LOVE Christmas crackers. In fact they are one of my favorite bits of the holiday. What's more fun than popping it open and wearing the paper hat? Below are the ultimate crackers from one of my favorite Brands of all-time: Liberty of London.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grrr (generally directed toward winter)

I love animal print. Zebra on the walls and floors (separately), leopard on pillows and lamp shades, ocelot throws... And of course I love a dash of well placed animal print in the wardrobe. It makes everything more interesting - and seems to add genuine warmth to a look. There are entire days where I feel I will never and should never wear anything but a leopard print shoe (today is one of those chilly days). Here are some inspiring leopard (and ocelot) prints to keep us inspired and a little warmer...until I can whip out the caftans and sandals poolside!
*sorry no captions, I haven't figured out that bit from my remote blogging station.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tip Top

Of course the top hat reminds me that Downton Abbey begins its season three reign on PBS January 6th! That show is a sterling drama. I'm such a delayed gratifier that I refuse to watch the final episode of season two until the night before season three begins (ssshhhh! Don't tell me!).
The top hat also reminds me of some profound words spoken by a true and loyal friend. A reminder to keep it tip top at all times, stay on course, and always enjoy yourself and the laughs. There's little I appreciate more.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 2013 is sure to be a good one...Lucky 13 afterall!
*thank you to all of my friends and family - fortunately it's not lonely at the top for me.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Best Stocking

Scalamandre zebra stocking with mink trim.  Need I say more?
It doesn't even need to be filled it's so good.  Well, maybe I went to far with that suggestion...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Dapper Friend

Well maybe I never made it in to Scott Schuman's lens (for the record I am no longer trapsing around cities where he shoots...maybe that lowers my chances?), but my friend MFO brought The Sartorialist into his lens during a book signing in Boston (Wellsley?) last night. 
I am so proud of my well-dressed friend.  Cheers to you and your new adventure, lookin' good MFO.
That's Sir MFO on the left. I hope he had his Billy Reid's on. xo

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A New Venture, The Boxwood Cottage in Beaufort, South Carolina

A few changes to announce - I have opened a little pop-up shop in Beaufort, South Carolina! It's called "The Boxwood Cottage" and it is located in the most incredible little neighborhood called "Habersham".  Have a look at what I am up to - and I will update more.  For consistent updates on the new store and it's latest arrivals check out the site at!
The Boxwood Cottage!  7 Market in Habersham, Beaufort, South Carolina

I love elephants and this vintage garden stool may be a keeper...

Row houses in Habersham - seriously this town/neighborhood is deamy and relaxed and has the nicest residents.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 is Unavailable

Hello! If you need anything from Sugar please email me at or contact me at 941-586-3220. The website is down for now, please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. - Heidi
A Locksmith's brilliant sign in Savannah...I feel like they also can't fix my website issue.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pending Seasons

In New England, where I have spent most of my adult (post collegiate) life, this week has been called "the last official week of summer". Most kids think so too since school kicks off next week.

As I said in my last post, my year really ends and begins with the VPF. Since my summer is unofficially coming to a close this weekend, I thought I would share a few fond photo memories. Enjoy these waning humid days; the crispy air is coming (and my boot collection cannot wait).
Genius.  Need one for next summer. 
A Ferris Bueller sky.  In Ohio while driving south.
The COLOR!  I want to paint something this color immediately.  If only it were scratch-n-sniff paint...
Fresh Strawberry ice cream from Sweetberry Farm in Rhode Island.  By the way, the BEST ice cream I have ever eaten.  It's made by this uber talented British woman named Suzanne.  I swear there is a whole cow in each pint.  It's also $9.95 per pint if that gives you an idea about the process and the ingredients. 
Peonies from Sweetberry Farm.  Perfect, fragrant, grown in a field not in a hot house. 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Monday morning before a holiday weekend...a holiday weekend that leads me to Ohio where I'll be a busy bee preparing for our annual event: The Village Peddler Festival. My Mother founded the event in 1982 at a picturesque campgrounds in the heart of Northeastern Ohio's farmlands.

My Mother owned a store called "The Village Peddler" in a nearby town that was filled with work from craftsmen and artists from all over Ohio and Pennsylvania. It was only open a little over a year, but it felt like longer in my young life. When the store building was razed, my Mother was urged to open another location for the craftsmen to sell their work. Eventually the Village Peddler Festival was born.

It has evolved considerably in 31 years. I enjoy the event, and work at it with my Mother. We moved it to a gorgeous park just east of Cleveland called Lake Metroparks Farmpark. We have more than 160 artists and craftsmen from all over the Northeast and Midwest. It opens on the second weekend after Labor Day, this year being September 15 & 16.

I enjoy the show very much now that I am not a teenager; seeing vendors return year after year (some have been with us for over two decades!) and meeting new artists and craftsmen. Sure there's a little frenzy that builds up to the show opening, but after all of the worry about weather and logistical placement of the booth spaces it is consistent fun.  The VPF is truly the yearly marker in my life like New Year's Eve is to others. 

I'll post some highlights from the event. Until then there are moments where I feel like the photo I've posted below.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Best Sleep

It is said that the best sleep in your life can occur while the waves lap near your bedside (on a boat). If I cannot catch my z's on a boat nightly, the bed below would probably be the next best thing. Seeing as I am not a morning person, I would worry about my pre-caffeinated self trying to gracefully disembark my nest in the A.M.
Happy weekend.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Perfect Print. No, really. PERFECT.

Ai! This is incredible. I need to buy it and hoard it for a house I will never leave.  Or maybe put it on panels so I can take it everywhere.  Would it be strange to paper the inside of one's car? 
Perfect. I'll be nice and give you the link.  Furbish, two rolls $105

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Right Shade of Envy

I'm not one for a flashy watch, but I am interested in a flashy vintage watch. Vintage makes anything vulgar seem less so by adding patina, mystery, and rarity. Therefore this Malachite Rolex is firmly planted in my wheelhouse.

There's nothing like the wavy greens in gorgeous Malachite. It was the first mineral that I learned - and learned how to spell - taught to me by my Grandmother. She was an avid collector of antiques and jewelry. I blame her for my obsession with sparkle, and well deserved gratitude for influencing my chosen profession. She definitely would have approved of this insanely perfect Rolly. xoxo
Malachite Rolly = Perfection

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jolly Good

Ah, another delicious find. The Fiat Jolly. Adorable runabout auto punctuated with good humor, infamous owners (Jackie O), rarity (possibly less than one hundred still exist), and how can we ignore WICKER seats!!!
I'm pretty sure I snapped a red one at the IKEA parking lot in San Diego. It was unmarked and looked perfectly vintage - candy apple red with bumble bee accents for humor (jolly). I'll have to look for that pic to confirm the sighting. I love a good vintage whip.

Golden Fish

I love taxidermy. (I should be hung on a wall for the time it's been since I've blogged). I found this gorgeous idea from one of the stylishly genius people that I follow around on Pinterest: my latest visual addiction. Of course this golden fish idea means I will be scouring tag sales galore for cast off fish and spraying them gold. Either that or the Walleye from my parent's storage unit are no longer safe. We shall find out when I land in Ohio again.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Happy Hundred Degree Saturday!
While in Ohio I was held over an extra day because of thunderstorms. My mother has lately been reminding me of her "go with the flow" ideals. During the delay we visited a local library to read and wait out the storms. Inside we searched their ongoing book sale room and scored some gorgeous books for great deals.
Below is a photo of the print inside the cover of one of the beautiful antique books we bought on my redirected day.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Taste of Home

Since the 1930s my family has been going to the same fish house on Lake Erie. We call it "Harry's" or "Brennan's"; it's changed owners every few decades and I am not really sure what the proper name is right now. What I do know is that my grandmother swore to me that the taste of the food has never changed.

I'm pretty sure Harry was some distant cousin of mine and I'm also sure he invented the fresh cut French fry (although it is seemingly possible he did not). They serve Lake Erie Perch, draft beer, chowder (of some kind), those legendary French fries, and the best grilled cheeses I've ever eaten. I'm not a fish person. It was key that Harry's have grilled cheese on the menu.

We spent many of my grandmother's birthdays at the large round corner table. She would always order the perch dinner and a draft beer - a bold move I always thought to myself.

Fortunately I was able to visit again while I was "home" last week. It tasted exactly the same as it has since my grandmother, my mother, and I were kids. Although simple, there is nothing lovelier than tradition and familiarity. I hope Harry's stays on through another 80+ years...whatever it's called now.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Tisket A Tassel

KJL necklace at Net-a-Porter
I returned from my jaunt to Newport via the heavily traveled I-95 South (note it skims all beach access roads...and it's June...).  While mired in traffic I had some time to obsess on my latest obsessions, tassels being one of the ongoing images. 
Enjoy the inspiration...
Mara Hoffman tote. Sold out.  And it's no wonder. 

From Rada' at Calypso (my renewed fave store after being in two in the Northeast! If only one would pop up down here!)
I am working on getting back in the saddle with my blogging! 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sugar On The Road - No Sleep 'Til Newport!

I am happy to announce that Vieve is generously hosting a trunk show at Chez Genevieve for Sugar next Thursday, May 31st.  It will be open-house style from 4:30 until about 8 o'clock in the evening.  If anyone is interested in attending please email us at to RSVP - or to make an appointment if you cannot make the time frame. 
I will also be doing wholesale appointments in Connecticut and Rhode Island while I am there as well.  Those appointments can be made through
Discounts on Summer Jewelry!  Wine!  Socializing with friends!  Discounts of 30-50% off brand new designs like rings, necklaces, and earrings making their debut!

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Ride a Bike

I am looking for a beach cruiser for summer to ride around my 'hood. 
That said, I thought I would share this photo by Tommy Ton of a super chic French woman riding her bike in Paris during fashion week (of course). 
Tres bon! Now this is how you ride a bike. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blue and White Interpretation...

Have I shared these yet?  *The move has made my poor memory even worse. 
Blue Willow Knuckles?  They are from Etsy, I am sorry I don't have the link to the brilliant soul who made them.  Incredible! 
I am obsessed with Blue Willow and all things blue & white right now (much to Mr. M's dismay while out collecting).  These take the cake. 

Concept and Design of a Guest Room

I am working on our guest room.  Now that we are on the East Coast, back to civilization, I am anticipating guests.  Yahoo! 
I always love a bunk room, but I don't think that's appropriate until we have a lake house somewhere.  Therefore we are doing twin beds.  After all of those years passing up gorgeous twin bedding (because, after all, who has twins except in their guest room?) - now I am want for Bedding Bargains of My Past. 
Right now I have heaps of other things to worry about...but here is a concept that I love.  Love the Hudson Bay, love the monogram, love the branding (of one's cabin!). 

Friday, May 4, 2012


Below, an homage to my friend who helps me with everything. Thank you.
can we please talk about the whiskers?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beat the Heat

The weather here is going to hit a "near record high" in the next two days.  Despite my overwhelming excitement about being back on the East Coast, I have to say my body is a little more used to the dry desert.  Humidity is not really my friend (I don't think it ever was)...the best thing about heat and humidity? The thunderstorms! 
I was poking around through some pix and saw these images to remind me how I need to dress for success in the humid heat over the next few days.  Currently I am enjoying the crispiness of a cotton maxi dress (something I am currently addicted to much to the dismay of the rest of my closet) and some gold Jacks.  Nothing like a uniform to get you through the tangles of the day.
I love this look, it's so casual but slightly premeditated.  It really made me want a pair of python Sperry's. 

Need I say more?

Giovanna = super chic.  She is impeccably dressed and I LOVE the safari.  It's probably some vintage YSL layered over something she found in the trash bin outside of Zara and I am sure it's like 102 degrees and she looks so incredible. 

I have shared this before.  I love this dress.  This time, and in this heat I might rip those sleeves off and add some flat sandals. 

It's so big that it doesn't touch your know those hot days when you just want a cotton tent nearby to cover you for decency's sake but nothing more?  This is the dress, and it looks good. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Den of Inspiration (and Work)

As you may or may not know, I am a designer. A jewelry designer (and a collector, obsessor, decorator, exclaimer, etc...). Upon our most recent relocation I was contemplating the office options with Mr. M. Fortunately, something worked out in our favor and I am sitting in my 90% complete office! Hence why I have allowed myself to blog again after The Great Pack, The Big Move, and The Incredible Drive.
Someday I will post pix of my office when it is finished. There are elements of sisal, flokati, high gloss red, pink Liberty print shades (thank you Target), an antique french desk, and more long cotton draperies than Mr. M cares to recount. I have him to thank immensely for the space and it's conversion.
Back to work for now...the ball is rolling! Here are a couple of pix below that were inspiration for The Office/Studio/Haven/Den of Inspiration...
The theme here is organization and work space...of which I need more of both.

The super chic office Mary McDonald decorated on "Million Dollar Decorators" (I heart that show).  I am dying for the draperies.  Hello! 

If I had a loveseat in a nook I would be sharing it with Dixie the yellow dog no doubt.

Mary McDonald's coveted blue office. The lamps and the desk are insane. 

Now all I need is a well placed Zebra pelt...hmm.  Dying to find some of those faux bamboo numbers lurking in someone's garage around here. 

This woman is also a designer, but a French one.  And who cannot help but envy and want to reproduce what the French have done stylistically?  I am merely a follower and an appreciator.  I love her space though.  Serene and organized. 
Thank you Mr. M for everything. xoxo