Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inspired Alphastructaesthetitologist

Oh these are gorgeous, aren't they?  Hailing most recently from a marine laden town with stories of mermaids and tritons and sailors from 'round the planet, I have a particular attachment to the intrigue and romance of these words.  If you subtract the beauty of the words, you are left with typeographical images so gorgeous and unique it is moving.  The combination...stunning.

(above: to my sailor)*
These images are masterfully created by New York based and self-titled Alphastructaesthetitologist Jon Contino.  Please view his site for more intriguing design as well as information about custom design.  Wouldn't it be spectacular to commission a custom invitation or declaration by Mr. Contino?  Hats off - or anchors aweigh - to Jon Contino for making this world a more beautiful place by the stroke of his hand and imagination.
P.S. He has a blog, too. I am officially obsessed.

Friday, February 18, 2011

This Jacket, These Doors, This Hotel

Let's start with the jacket.  It's perfect.  What a good color.  Of course if we are going to talk details, it could fit a little tighter in order to avoid looking like a fuddy.  My Grandfather had a jacket like this except it was corduroy (genius) - and he had a matching one made for my Grandmother.  Why don't people dress like that anymore? 
This was taken at the main entrance of the Parker Palm Springs.  An incredibly styled hotel done by Jonathan Adler.  There are so many incredible ideas and detials in this space it's amazing and worth a stay over in Palm Springs...or just a cocktail at their green marble and mirrored lobby bar.  Yep.  Green marble + brass + mirrors.  Now THAT is where you drink a proper cocktail, at the proper hour, in this proper pink blazer.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm back with a Union Jack

It rhymed.  I'm guilty of corny titles. 
But this 1930s piece of luggage is A-MAAAA-ZZZING.
Available at Yale R. Burge in the frigid tundra that is NYC. Or comfortably from your own cozy home via the world wide web on 1st Dibs.
Genius.  And a worthy opening blog post to 2011. 
Happy New Year (does it still count if Puxatony Phil already made his appearance?)!!!