Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Annie Was Right

The best way to battle fatigue is to remain optimistic.  I am optimistic that the sun will come up tomorrow and the flowers will bloom (eventually).  I continue to find so much joy in the people and things that truly make me happy.  I hope that is the same for you, dear Sugarbuzz Reader. 
Always keep your chin up like the kitty!
For MOF and EW, Newport.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Style

Lee. Love the earrings.
Happy Oscar Sunday!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Malachite: A Stone Needing No Introduction

There's no hiding the fact that another one of my obsessions is Malachite.  I have written about it before.  In fact, I haven't used it very often in my jewelry work for the mere facts that a) not all Malachite is cut equally and well cut Malachite is hard to find; b) I want to be sure everyone appreciates it at the same level I do...
As I have said on this very blog before, Malachite was the first semi-precious gemstone I learned from my Grandmother.  She was an avid jewelry connoisseur, dealer, and collector.  I attribute my appreciation and connection to Malachite to my Grandmother, M.E.Q.
See below for a few Malachite developments.  I am certain I have shared the Rolex before.  It's too good not to revisit.  Happy Thursday!
This piece is just too incredible. Solid gold Rolly with malachite face.  Circa 1970s (I believe).  Most good design to this tune was worked out in the 70s.  Chic.  Would go well with a cocoa brown 1977 Benz convertible if you ask me... Last I checked a similar Rolex to above photo was going for about $22,500.  A hair more than the Benz.

I think this is a Nate Berkus.  Correct me if I am wrong.  Regardless, I would love to do a lav in black beadboard and Malachite paper.  Hello!  I would probably add a little more brass and bamboo in lieu of the rope detail...bamboo being a leading obsession here at the Sugarbuzz and all...

Drawer pull.  Who makes this I am unsure.  But it's genius as all things Malachite really are...

That's it.  One word.  Lanvin.  Besides the Rolex or a Malachite accented vintage Benz (or Jeep Wagoneer! ah!) this is really design perfection.  Chic. Green. Gold. Lanvin. Paris.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Style

Jane Birkin with her famous basket bag. I love her effortlessness in the chemise dress with the basket, la di da out running errands. Black and white photo of course, capturing vintage timelessness. (-lessness should be suffix of the day) Here's hoping for some basket-as-bag weather soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nudes (the color)

It's raining here today, on and off.  It seldom rains down here.  We probably need it to green the grass and feed those daffodil fields that are rumored to be in bloom a bit early.  Regardless, I am spoiled and not used to clouds and rain now.  I am feeling a little beige today.  I even tried to wear something colorful and it looked too bright. 
This vintage Porsche is genius.
If I had a hurricane's worth of time to recover all of my books in these craft paper and white writing jackets I would consider it.  Again, it adds to the neutral color topic of self restraint.  I LOVE a collection of neutrals, but I just don't harbor the self control to allow an edit like that.  I also LOVE color.  Myabe I could do one room in all nudes, whites, creams, etc.  That's an idea...
He was made to blend in. How cute is an owl?

I probably need a bit of this - the color, sparkle suggestion, and the needlepoint (maybe not the Valley of the Dolls situation though...).  Pillow by Jonathan Adler.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Birthday Shout Out

Happy Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people, WWL. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Style

Happy Sunday. I heart orange.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Great White North

Hope you're all staying warm in the Northeast!  xoxo

Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard 2013 Update Needed

What is the status update of the Blizzard all my Yankee friends?  It's 62 and sunny down here...I need to live vicariously through all of you, at home, by the fire, bracing for a record event!   
He forgot to go to the store to stock up.  Now seen pillaging local snowmen.  Typical...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tisket a Tassel

I have many obsessions.  Bamboo, blue & white porcelain, mini things, moss, jewelry in almost any form but especially colorful and decadent or animal, sparkly things, iced tea (unsweet, I am a Yankee afterall), and tassels.  This is not the end of the list.  But to risk boring anyone further, here are some favorite tassels. Nothing speaks like a picture. 

Not sure...but LOVE the green.

Disco tassels.  Not sure who did these either.  Oops.

Kenneth Jay Lane

Ruby Tassel Earrings.  Not sure who designed these lovelies.

Pink Tassel.  Sort of looks like a tie-back, but still lovely...
Tassels for the Tassel.  I mean.  Does it get any better than this?  Of course it's Dorothy Draper at the Greenbrier. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Place Setting

I just liked these and wanted to share. 

I Heart Moss. And mini things. 

Whenever I hear "Moi!" I think of Miss Piggy.  Even she, with her high francophilian standards, would approve of this.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Style

I'm no New York Times or anything, but I've decided to have a relaxed Sunday post in the theme of style.
I love the look of this photo. And the zebra. Animal jewelry is the cat's meow.
Happy Sunday.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Need I really say more?  TGIF people. 

sadly, I have no idea who the brilliant cat stylist/photographer are. Cheers to you, mate.