Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Le Francais sont Gris

Translated: The French are Gray. 
It's a complement from my perspective.  Christian Dior is famous for their "Dior Gray" (now available at Benjamin Moore - hello!).  I love Gray.  It's one of my favorite colors - alone or mixed with almost any color it makes everything chic. 
I am en route to my home coast and have been collecting various pieces of reworked furniture and antiques all in the French style (some are gray like an amazing pair of cane side chairs...).  I am not sure the nouveau Chez Sugarbuzz will be able to handle a complete French Revolution, so I will pick my battles room by room.  Here is some inspiration I have been pondering...
The French (and the style inspired by) are so chic they make possible trash look purposeful.  I love this old window as the backdrop for the very (gray) bar set up. 

That giant fireplace is so amazing it looks like it is going to eat this dining set like kindling!  Of course the chandelier cannot be ignored...
I call this "dueling chandeliers".  I love it and would not have thought of hanging a matching pair of sparkly chandeliers to my bedside.  Cozy! 

Gray velvet grounds this whole room and makes it serene and cozy. I love this look because it is sophisticated but casual. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

30% Off The New Sugar Website!

Happy First Day of Spring! 
Is this the time when you are supposed to be able to balance an egg on it's pointy side?  I never got that. 
In honor of the struggling daffodils hemisphere-wide, we are officially launching the Sugar website today with an exclusive 30% off site-wide until April 15!  Spruce up your wardrobe with some Sugar treats! 
Use code: PEEPS2012 for 30% off!  Woohoo! 
Bailey Necklace
This is from our new line, Betwixt by Sugar, that mixes vintage components with natural elements like gemstones, coral, shark's teeth and more.  I am going to toot my own horn here and admit that I LOVE this piece - it's my favorite color afterall!   

Chelsea Necklace
Named for my friend's daughter, who when she was a teenager she was discovering the wonderful world of mixing styles.  She was quite conservative in her dress and getting more subversive each day.  She trotted off to NYU Film for a Master's a few years ago, and something about this design still reminds me of her fashion epiphanies in the early '00s...
(It's a Betwixt by Sugar piece, too. Vintage chain, vintage gold plated safety pins (gorgeous!), and of course fun dyed Howlite spikes).

Sarah Necklace
I love this piece.  It is named for my two Sarahs who both happen to love navy & white stripes (who doesn't, right?) and of course the color pink with some hidden yellow. Perfect for some Spring/Summer action, or simply to help you feel like some Spring/Summer action...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Blocked In

I hesitated a bit with the whole colorblocking-is-in announcement.  All I could imagine were a bunch of people running around mixing all of the wrong things together looking like human sized Legos...possibly me being one of them.  And then I realized that unless I am wearing stripes (which I am most of the time, like right now, plus fur vest!), I am usually in some mode of color blocking.  My mother always told me solids were a sure thing.  True true.  For me mixing solid colors is safe - no print mixing to meddle with and no layers of stripes on stripes. 
Here are a few inspiring colorblock mixes exaggerated by my favorite neon yellow, clashing colors, etc. The backgrounds of these shots are just incredible in different ways...you will see what I mean. 
Colorblock away dear friends! Avoid primary colors thus you will blend in at Chez Lego...ciao!  
1. The Bridge. Amazing.
2. LOVE the neon coat choice.  It's not really an exercize in colorblocking now that I look at the photo but the neon coat made it look that way - fresh!
3. Facehunter photo at London Fashion Week FW2012

1. Also good background - shipyard chic! 
2. Great yellow skirt.  I love how she treats it as the neutral that ties the whole look together even though the color is off the chain. 
3. photo via Facehunter, I believe from New Zealand?

1. The hot. pink. wall. makes this shot!  From Sao Paulo where hot pink walls are the norm.
2. I love when someone wears socks with sandals.  I don't have the nerve to do it, but I love it.
3. Fabulous wack looking metallic creature on the dress.  Futuristic Tribal. 
4. Thank you again Facehunter. 

Pleased with Prints

Don't you believe that a gorgeous print is like wearing artwork?  I LOVE a print.  Even an awkward garment looks divine when the print is amazing (ok, maybe that is a stretch). 
Here is a lovely collage of prints from Carolina Herrera - past and present.
Carolina's prints, past and present (note the birds are Spring Summer 2012).
She takes seemingly ordinary things (chairs, swimmers) and adds color and graphic delights to make them incredible.  Contemplate that idea...
NY Times Collection photo credit. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

The New Turk's Head

My friend Miss AHN showed me these last fall when we were visiting her brother in Venice Beach.  I fell in love, and sort of forgot about them until I realized summer is right around the corner. If only I knew how to splice...Mr. M might know how to do it...hmm. 
Do you think if I wrangled one of these on my ankle it would shrink to fit like they used to? 

$85, A+R Store by Tanya Aguniga