Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happiness is Vintage Shopping...in Rhode Island

Last night I stopped into Savers in Warwick, RI looking for a Members Only jacket for my friend's halloween costume. I already have one...it's vintage and in perfect condition purchased last March at a boutique in Soho. I have never worn it. I am still perplexed about what occaision warrants my wearing a men's Member's Only jacket in Newport. For the record, it looks similar to the one on the right.
When I come across something truly delicious in a vintage or thrift store, or ebay (of course) it makes me want to disclose my treasure chest to everyone. So here is a guide for vintage and thrift shopping in the Ocean State.
Newport, RI
Two great stores within two blocks of each other, and a bonus thrift store...
Vintage to Vogue - 70 Broadway
Closet Revival - 30 Broadway
Salvation Army - between these two stores through a parking lot...not sure of the address.
All of these stores have the advantage of being located in a town known for it's summer resort style. They carry true vintage from the 30s to the 80s, as well as designer brands and of course, preppy gear including vintage Lilly, vintage plaid pants and blazers, and embriodered pants for men.
Warwick, RI
Savers is worth the trip. Not only is it a k-mart sized thrift store, but 100% of the profits are donated to Big Sisters. This is an advantage because they obtain large donations of clothing and accessories from families looking for a place to donate their beloved designer threads. Last night we stumbled on a vintage green Aquascutum jacket, purchased a vintage Burberrys' (as the label reads!) camel hair jacket, and of course other treasures. Most everything is $0.99 - $7.99 with some pricier exceptions.
Savers - 24 Universal Blvd (off of Bald Hill Rd. next to Best Buy)
visit http://www.savers.com/ for more locations in the US, Canada, and Australia!
Donate Shop - 90 Airport Rd.
I am not sure if this is open, but while you're up there...
Providence, RI
The home of RISD, Brown, Providence College, and many private secondary schools...Providence even has a vintage store in the mall.
Second Time Around - 294 Thayer Street & Providence Place Mall*
*the mall store has more selection and designer pieces
NAVA - 281 Thayer Street
(mixed new and vintage, well edited)
Foreign Affair Warehouse - 219 Thayer Street
(great edited selection of vintage labels 50s through 80s, evening, heaps of men's clothing, theme, etc.)
1793 - 5 Steeple Street 2nd floor
(fantastic selection of boutique vintage gear, worth the hunt...and stop at the cafe on the corner while you're down there)
Rocket to Mars - 144 Broadway p#401-274-0905
(A+++ themed in 50s and 60s - furniture, clothing, accessories, homegoods, jewelry and more. This store is perfect and deserves a lot of business to keep it going. Vintage patterns available too. Incredible. We bought dresses, jewelry, a bowling trophy, and seven handbags of various shapes and sizes.)
Act II - 802 Hope Street (E. Providence)
(this one closes early and is more of a women's consignment store. It is very big and seems to carry a wide selection of women's clothing and accessories, although it was closed when we arrived! Worth the trip as there are other cute boutiques nearby with interesting finds at good prices.)
My Sister's Attic Consignment - 342 Atwells Ave in Federal Hill p#401-351-4092
(this was also closed, mostly furniture, tchotchkes, but a good selection of jewelry from what we could tell with noses pressed against the window. Also in the Italian neighborhood where the food is amazing!)
Salvation Army - 201 Pittman St
Goodwill - 80 Manton Ave
Cranston, RI
I have never been to any of these, so I don't know if they are good or even open. But it seems like a good idea to include them for the vintage hunter extraordinaire.
Eve in Paris - 2 Gansett Ave 401-942-7747
Resale Connection - 330 Atwood Ave 401-942-5098
Adored by Us - 1458 Park Ave #3 401-942-0570