Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Multiply These Rabbits (Please)

If anyone reading this knows me by now, you know that there are some key elements in my "favorites" list. 
Jewelry, Animal Jewelry, Bunnies, Animals Personified, The Color Pink.
That list revealed, one can see clearly why I absolutely cannot find words to describe my love and admiration for the pieces of jewelry below. 
(*Thanks again to AHN for sharing, always an inspiration that Belles.)

Raymond C Yard Rabbit Waiter Brooch (diamonds, enamel, gold, etc etc. all the good stuff)
Please. He's wearing a bowtie and has a towel to serve the Champagne.

Raymond C Yard Rabbit Waiter Brooch
I mean this guy has a flower in his lapel and is carrying a Champagne bucket! Are those spectators he's wearing???

Raymond C Yard Rabbit Brooch Collection
*Come on now. There is a bride rabbit and a YACHTING rabbbit?!!?! Tell me you noticed the eye patch. Eye. Patch. Genius. The most sartorially correct jewelry I have ever seen.  And they are bunnies.
INCROYABLES (and Merveilleuses)!!!!!!!!!
(P.S. This collection sold at Christie's in 2001 for $80,000+ for the entire collection...a steal! reproduction rabbit waiter brooch (one) is $55,000 on the Raymond C Yard company website...)

Daniel Brush Cuff - 1988-1992. Bakelite, gold, rubies, and pink diamonds.
I don't have words for this bracelet.