Friday, August 19, 2011


You can't have amazing sunsets without clouds. Not possible. I didn't realize that until I moved to San Diego where there is no weather and no clouds. I was perplexed as to why I hadn't seen a good sunset in a while, and one cloudy evening (months ago) I noticed a flaming orange sky. I miss clouds. And thunderstorms. The sky is one of my favorite things. Stars, moon, clouds passing, rain, thunderheads building over open water in the distance. I didn't appreciate my previous skies until I had this cloudless one. I am trying not to complain - it is temperate and sunny here daily! Instead I observe. Just like some wise person said: sometimes you have to endure a little sorrow to know true happiness.  Or was it endure rain to see the rainbow? Something like that...

Yes this has been posted here before, but it is just a serene and gorgeous example of the imperfect being PERFECT! 
A sunset over Venice. Or maybe it was a sunrise? I am confused today.  Either way, please note the clouds are the best supporting actors at this show.

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