Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Debbie Harry as Style Icon

I admired Debbie Harry's style for years before I could pinpoint the definition of "style".  Looking back during those experimental style years called "under 25" I should have bleached my hair at least once.  And if the internet had existed, I would have feverishly collected images of my style icons - Debbie Harry being one of my favorites.  Instead of Google Images I had grainy MTV and the video noir "Heart of Glass" played at will by the VJ's showcasing Her frazzled bleached bob and red lips.  A true icon of feminine punk rock sexy style.  
Is it too late to bleach my hair into a punk rock frizz?  I think I am lamenting my "under 25", and more recently my "under 35".
Debbie Harry as photographed by Roberta Bayley

Simple and Clean

I love this picture in all of it's graphic simplicity.
by Aritst Don Oehl at Clic Gallery

Thursday, March 10, 2011

La Finale par Marc

Oh, Marc.  You gave me chills. 
This. Is. Fashion.  
Give them what they crave when they don't know they are craving it. 
Hand it to them on a glossy catwalk when they least expect it. 
Compose an image to captivate our attention and renew our addiction.
Kate Moss...in that ensemble...on that glossy catwalk...smoking.  La finale.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Succulent Seating

The elevator at Bergdorf's to the seventh floor becomes a reverse rabbit hole into a labyrinth of design, lacquered animalia, and exquisite treats worthy of a Wonderland Art Director.  My lovely friend, AHN, introduced me to this quiet curated place.  Once again she has redirected my attention to the seventh floor where these incredible "Prickly Pear" chairs are featured by designer Valentina Gonzalez Wholers.  There are almost no words, except "I want two for my dining room".