Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Scream...

I have been a little off radar...and right about now I am kind of tired of looking at Fall Winter.  Most people are wearing it and watching it.  Let's talk about the colors of SPRING and SUMMER! Yay!  Those are my seasons (although I do crave a nice tweed and boot). 
I am sure you are all but saturated with the March issues of This & That...the giant Vogue or the slim regional magazine reports on Spring fashion.  No matter what the Mulberry Spring campaign may not have escaped your tired eyes.  GORGEOUS.  Never has a melted ice cream cone or scattered wrappers looked so enticing. 
The animal print maxi dress (left) is amaze. 

Stripes galore! Saltwater! Pink!
Holiday Bayswater.  Happy Birthday to me?

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Morsel for the Weekend

If you peruse NYFW after-party photos from the past week you will find plenty of pix with the same red glow and more importantly the same red and black wallpaper.  I am obsessed.  Sign me up.  
Le Baron NYC's newest hotspot in Chinatown
But can we talk about this paper? Insane.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fur Sure

Yes, I know it's kind of a hokey title.  Puns amuse me. 
Fur has been everywhere on the runways (more on that later) and the street.  When you live in a cold city and you have to walk to most of your destinations believe me you want to own a fur coat.  A real fur, not a faux polyester fur that the wind whips through like a mesh bathing suit.  Shearling, mink, lynx. 
Currently it happens to be chilly on the majority of the Earth's land's no wonder that a plethora of fur is wandering around on the sidewalks north of the equator.
Chevron fur. I am not sure if this is real or faux.  Cool.  NYFW.

Wrap fur. I like this look overall.  Navy is so chic!  This would almost be predictable in black, but in navy she really stands out. There's nothing more luxe than dragging a fur.

Party fur.

Stockholm fur. Brr. You know it's cold there and she is dedicated in that fur to sit outside and have a smoke.
Ah this fur is so gorgeous I cannot stand it. If it was a vest I would probably implode and spend the rest of the week trying to find one.  

Kate fur. Always looking chic. And I die for fur vests.  As you know.
 I. Love. Them. I. Cannot. Own. Too. Many. Fur. Vests. I know my husband Mr. M is listening and he already thinks I am nuts. I changed fur vests yesterday three times.  It was chilly here and I saw an opportunity.

Print mix fur. Fur in a texture beyond fur plus a chic printed scarf?! Sign me UP.
I think this is from Stockholm where I like to imagine most women dress like this. Cool.  

Thakoon's Mood

There is little doubt that Thakoon's Fall Winter 2012 show this past week was gorgeous, sophisticated, thoughtful, and chic.  Here's a few pictures to get your creative juices flowing...
Thakoon's mood board for his red cane dress (see below).  I love how seeming disconnected images and thoughts manifest into reality. 

Thakoon FW 2012 NYFW. The red cane dress.

Bonus! The back of a camel jacket with see-through caning.  I love.  Bravo Thakoon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feeling Blue?

I hope this Valentine's Day is finding you happy and at least enjoying some delicious chocolates or any treat really.  I think that's what this day should be about...treating yourself and your loved ones.
I wanted to share another little trend of blue spaces from this week's NYFW.  There's always a trend to be spotted out there...

Glamour March Issue Launch Party at The Box. Ooooh scandalous.  And blue. 

Moncler's FW 2012 Collection presentation at Central Park.  How did they get the ice to glow like that?  And the trees are stunning.  Ah.  I love this picture!!!!

Layers, Part Two...Inspiration: Where the Wild Things Are

I think one of the most exciting parts about Fashion Week is observing trends and innovations.  I love the creative aspect of the entire process.  The shows, the looks, the fabrics, everything.  It's inspiring. 
One thing I love the most is when two or more designers have a similar idea - especially when it seems really kind of far out.  It's not like they noticed this look on a growing number of punk rock show-goers in London or while lunching at Bergdorf's. 
And I present the Layered Look of Knitted Kitties (the second one might be a raccoon sans black-eyes, not sure, or is it a fox?). 

Miguel Adrover FW 2012 New York.
Miguel is decidedly and openly anti-fashion-establishment.  His entire collection is made from recycled (read: used) clothing.  He is probably the designer that inspires some of those nutty Project Runway challenges.  He does an interesting job.  Some is really wack and some is really interesting*.  Either way, he has a unique perspective...
Although the Knitted Kitties and Layered Look is something he shares with Mr. Thom Browne (below). 
*More Miguel Adrover to come later.

Thom Browne FW 2012 New York
Thom went for the giant Knitted Kitty and Layer Look.  Giant Layers, Giant Kitty.
This layering is too much for me.  And I am not going to start sewing my stuffed animals to my clothes either.  

Layers, part one...Inspiration: Helena Bonham Carter in Her "More is More Phase"

Ok, let me start by saying I love layers.  In some places it is a mode of survival.  Some people take layers the wrong way and use them almost as camoflage.  Helena Bonham Carter had a stint with layers that didn't do her style reputation much good.  Then again she is gorgeous, British, and married to Tim Burton so I am pretty sure I will allow her some room for error in her chosen means of expression through fabric. 
A layered look of HBC's. 
Another multi-layered and textured creation.  She may have been pregnant in these photos.  See, even having to wonder about that means that maybe there were too many layers...
And so this brings me to some possible inspiration for the following looks.  My disclaimer being that I really enjoy some layering. 
Chris Benz FW 2012. New York. 
Clearly inspired layering.  I think this look is charming and has some redeeming qualities.  Charming.  Like Helena Bonham Carter.

Marc Jacobs FW 2012. New York.
Marc didn't do it again in my opinion (see previous Marc related posts).  I love Marc.  He is a trend-setter, a leader in the industry.  And I am hoping this will not become a trend. 
There are a few good details, but overall feel is a hot mess.  Sorry Marc.  This is not my last word on some of these kooky layered looks.  Stay tuned. 


As most of you know I am not terribly Cali-centric even though I am currently typing this from somewhere south of the Grapevine.  I do appreciate so much of what California has provided - strawberries in January, delicious wine and beautiful places to taste man made nectar, and of course style.  California style has often been born of necessity - whether it be strolling a red carpet or the boardwalk.  What puzzles me the most is that when poking around said areas above, Californians seem to be lacking a style direction.  I have said it before.  The women appear not to know if they are attending a beach bonfire, drum circle, red carpet event, or going to Starbucks. 
While I appreciate this newly christened mash-up term "Cali-eccentric", I think you will find that it too doesn't have a clear direction.  It's a little boho, a little punk, a little beach, and a little 70s.  Either way it's clear this is a shared perspective.  Note the similarities below: Rachel Zoe FW 2012 and the new line Skaist-Taylor FW 2012.
Rachel Zoe FW 2012
I like this look. I love a maxi with some edge. 

Skaist-Taylor FW 2012
Names sound familiar? They are the ex founders of Juicy Couture (now owned by Liz Claiborne). Note you won't find any words printed on velour in this line.  It is luxe and 70s and all the way Cali-eccentric.  I am still confused about California though. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

I love. YUM!  Do I even need to mention the packaging?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Leather is the New Black. Part One.

I was going to hold out a little longer before posting too much on NYFW, but I cannot wait!  I am gathering so many folders that I have to start sharing immediately. 
As far as "trends" go, let me say the "trend" is very black.  There has been little color in New Black, I mean New York.  Sure it's something par for the course during fall collections, but alas, I love color and color sells. I'll share color soon. 
This little micro-maxi trend is one I cannot ignore.  Leather and long. 
Timo Weiland FW 2012 NYFW. Chocolate brown leather and velvet (is that brown?).

Jen Kao FW 2012 NYFW. Black leather corset dress. 

Cushnie et Ochs FW 2012 NYFW. Black leather. I like that this one has a more casual style.  I use that term loosely. 

Christian Siriano FW 2012 NYFW. Christian always does gorgeous gowns, slightly conservative but sophisticated in their experiementation of texture.  Someone should have worn this at the Grammy's last night.

Catherine Malandrino FW 2012 NYFW. Patent corset top that's either a one-piece romper or palazzo pants.  Either way, daring almost 90s throwback look.  This has the potential to be vulgar, btw. So don't try this look at home. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blue Willow Birthday

In honor of my friend Willow Tree's birthday, I had to add this little post. 
I found these "knuckles" made from old Blue Willow china on etsy.  I can't stand it.  These things are incredible. I love whimsical creativity.  Perfect.
Happy Birthday Willow. xoxo
Blue Willow China Knuckles, $60.

Outside Stripes

I promise that not every post regarding NYFW will be about stripes.  But since there are some stripes sauntering down catwalks, I will bring them to your attention. 
This time I am showcasing Outdoor Stripes. 
Peter Som FW12
I use the stripe term loosely here. That does not mean that I love this piece any less.  Above the knee fur is the way to roll.
Of course fur coat + sandals = pure luxury.

Rag & Bone FW12
The layers and the cropped jacket are wearable.  Yes, so far we are mere days into Fall Fashion 2012 and most everything looks very RTW (ready to wear).

Rag & Bone FW12
Great look.  Although as stated in a previous post I am not too thrilled with black + red color combo.

Rag & Bone FW12
Flowing, striping, belted...CHIC! 
Could I do this with a broken in Hudson Bay blanket? Bill Cunningham would say YES (check out his video on today regarding the Art World Fashion. I believe that to be his way of saying he is a little bored by this year's catwalks thus far...)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Creatures in the Wind, FW12

Little kicks off any fashion week like stripes. And leather. 
(You know how I feel about stripes; it's my favorite color next to pink...)
Here are some treats from Creatures in the Wind to get you thinking about your Fall-Winter 2012 wardrobe before you have even started wearing your Spring-Summer 2012 collection. The silhouettes, texture, and pattern are nothing short of divine. 
Keep an eye on Creatures, they have a nice mix about them. (PS not to mention their genius Grey Gardens looking stage)
Pink and Orange! My current favorite color combo.  I love clashing.  (I recall when my mom told me what "clashing colors" meant and I think I was a little confused because I love color so much I think they all go together in one form or another.)

Striped leather. Hello. Love. I am not a huge red and black fan; it's a hangover from the not great shiny black leather-ness of the late 80s (think bad sectionals and satin).
But I do love the Desperately Seeking Susan* pointy-toe boots very much. Indeed.
*PS if you're under 30 you really need to note-take-while-watching Desperately Seeking Susan. It could be the best 80s-NYC-East-Village-CBGB's punk princess style time capsule on film. The boots "Susan" trades for her incredible pyramid jacket are insane. Get back to me on this.