Thursday, September 16, 2010


Ta-da!!!! It's like magic that Marc.
Marc Jacobs Spring 2011

Throwback or Throwout?

I am sorry, but I totally called the return of the baja.  It may not have sounded like a fantastic idea, but I was scouring an incense laden lair near Brown University just last October for a striped baja like the one I had back in 1987 (and that my mother threw out as soon as she could).  I didn't find one that met my standards of nostalgia.  Is it possible Tory Burch was in the same store and heard Genevieve and I discussing the baja?
For the record I didn't discuss wearing them with metallic trousers. I'm teetering on the border about this one.

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

'tis the season for a little Spring to reign upon us with the whistle of the first falling leaves...

 Ah yes, It Is Fashion Week.  
Ralph Lauren Spring 2011

 Sadly I am just now taking a gander at what has been gracing the runways of New York for the last few days.  September is a busy time for me; I would love to be bubbling amidst the hub-bub at the epicenter of all creative draping! But I can only for now take a moment to share a little here and there.  Mostly notes for myself about what tricks I appreciate and what I will experiment with later on the pages of my closet and sidewalk runways.
Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 Finale Dress
 Ralph is at it again.  Reinventing and reinspired by all that is American.  Go Ralph.  He has a vision, and it is crystal clear.  Although some of his looks for this Spring 2011 are a touch Annie-Get-Your-Gun, I do love the all-white (love all white all the time); the little Stevie Nicks meets Bergdorf's in the Wild West handmade lace with brown tassled leathers; and always RL's well-practiced juxtapositions like that of a metallic ball gown with gaucho silver belt. Just don't forget our Right to Bare Arms, but do leave the shotguns at home.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Predictable Favorites

Dominic Jones Claw Ring
A few of my favorite accessories right now...always a claw, love something punkish and a Union Jack (brilliant as only McQueen can do R.I.P.), and an animal/insect jewelry piece.  I am predictable. 
Alexander McQueen Union Jack Stud Miniaudiere

Bottega Veneta Scarab Earrings