Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sky Blue

I have been really wanting some fluffy clouds to adorn our clear blue sky.  
Of course it would be art to provide me with a new perspective on our consistent cloudlessness...
This past Vogue cover (60s-70s?) makes me appreciate the Southern California skies a little more. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Feelings about the French

I started learning to speak French when I was ten; when I went on to college I did not have to speak en Francais to my friends. The language abandoned me, and I abandoned French.  And until recently I was kind of upset with the French.  I was non-plussed about the entire anti-American vibe that tends to eminate from le Francais when they are commenting on world politics.  The thing is, the glorious US of A has the best of all worlds (with some exceptions, and my overt confidence spoken like a true American), therefore some nationalities may want to comment in the negative.  I realized that my being irked with stereotyping the French was the same thing they were allegedly thinking about me, or my countrymen and political representatives at least.  Therefore, I let it go (and started reading French magazines again to reaquaint myself with their entire culture sans over ripe fromage).  Mostly I let it go because it is hard to argue that these people do not have a sense of style.  So I am back on with the French, as you already know from my gushing posts about how incredibly French women dress and on and on.  This seems like a Sunday Thought to me, so I will end it there and leave you with a few pleasing images...
I love a graphic and retro looking anything.  The font is also tres chic.  Although I feel to be completely stereotypical, this guy needs a moustache.  With a slight curl on the end.

Gorgeous and simple table.  It's so cozy I want to take a nap right on top of the handwritten menus.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

By a Neck

Back to the matter at hand: learning from street style, namely that of Paris. 
I am obsessed with scarves.  I think they are good for anything, and nearly any weather (except the current 90 degree temps we are enduring here in Southern California, therefore my scarves wait patiently).  I think a scarf adds an instant bit of interest to any ensemble.  Have a look below and see how these women wrap and fold their accessories.  P.S. They are incredible little blankets on airplanes, a must have when flying. 
The asymmetrical oversized square scarf wrap.  Sometimes a square scarf is a challenge, but this girl has it down.  I am taking notes. 

The massive scarf.  I love this look.  It is a bit extreme and takes a sleek ensemble to pull it off without looking like a remnant bin.  Giant Scarf look can also be achieved by daring to wear two scarves at once.  A look my friend AHN pulls off flawlessly. 

Basic How to Wear a Scarf looks.  Hair up or down, look simple or colorful.  These are all appropriate and add dimension and texture.

And finally, here's the funnelneck coat you need when you don't have a scarf.  this thing is AMAZING.  I love the color grey, natural leather buckles, and of course the dramatic neck.  I love a rather existentialist dramatic graphic look.  I love it.  I am jealous and want to be in the weather wearing this coat. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

La Petite Fille (The Little Girl)

As you may know, dear friend, I am slightly obsessed with "street fashion". It is inspiring to see how others use basic pieces the way artists like Van Gogh or Dali used the same medium. 
In the coming days I will share favorite street fashion, and some of the best comes from New York and of course Paris. There is something about French style that all has the same je ne sais quoi; it's borderline conformist but at the same time reeks of searing individuality. Maybe because French women are prone to embracing who they truly are instead of vying for the biggest hair, longest nails, or highest heels. These women smoke if they want to, drink champagne as they see fit, and embrace their real bodies - all the while smearing more brie on those perfect baguettes. 
The photo below kicks off my Ode A La Femme Française.

This could be the most chic little girl in the world.  Truly "in training".  Photo taken in Paris, unfortunately I am not sure who the photographer was although I suspect it was the Sartorialist.
A grown woman pairing down her wardrobe could base many decisions on these four pieces alone, - and they way they are worn.
1. Great trench, unbuttoned but belted and slightly askew
2. Striped shirt
3. Cropped and rolled jeans
4. black ballet flats

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Greatest Cocktail of all Time (hint: it has something to do with weather)

The Dark'n'Stormy
Staying on theme with my desire for some weather, I figured I would highlight one more thing Southern California seems to lack: my favorite cocktail. The first time that sweet nectar touched my lips was out of a silver trophy cup at the IYAC in Newport the night our team won the Raingutter Regatta.
Born in Bermuda (who knows when) at the Royal Naval Officer's Club when they discovered that a floater of black rum made their ginger beer taste so much better.  Legend has it the name was inspired by a comment from a patron saying that the black rum floater looked like a thundercloud in the glass the "color of a cloud that only a fool or a dead man would sail under".  Too many of these thunderclouds sure makes you feel like a dead man (woman) walking the next day...
 Made with Goslings Dark Rum (2 oz, floater), Barritts Ginger Beer (4 oz.), and a slice of lime it is perhaps one of the tastiest and most dangerous cocktails. It's appropriate served seaside, or puddle-side if you can't find a body of water but need a Dark-n-Stormy. Please keep up the count and have one for me (or a few) until I can get back across the Mississippi River to the Atlantic side. 
The best, and only proper Ginger Beer for the Dark-n-Stormy.
Also the color of the can is BRILLIANT.  I want to use this color in a lavatory or dining room.  Ooh a dining room with chocolate brown and off-white graphic drapes...

The other key ingredient.  Delicious Gosling's Black Rum. 
(They have their own Ginger Beer Brand, now too, but I am a bit of a Dark-n-Stormy snob and insist on Barritt's unless I am really desperate in say, Manhattan or California...)
This post is dedicated to Michael Francois O'Neill who was a champion on that Raingutter Team, and whose enjoyment of above mentioned cocktail inspired a message befitting a t-shirt.  And also to The Hawk who has shared many of these drinks in fine establishments scattered around our little island. 
Cheers to the nights (and days) in Newport!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gallop, Part Deux

Nothing says Autumn to me like an equestrian throwback.  Maybe it's because in the fall when I went back to school we rode horses and got graded on tacking and grooming for P.E. class.  (I didn't think it was too fair since some girls seemed to live at the barn and obviously passed this with flying colors.)  Or maybe it's simply because nothing says "new season of crisp air and shorter days" like picking apples in your riding boots or meandering to field hockey practice in your J. Crew barn jacket. 
Therefore it seems obvious that any horse-related item at this point in August can send me reeling into a spiral of back-to-school ideals.  Allow these images (and future ones) to inspire the equestrienne in you, and don't forget to take those boots to the cobbler.  It's almost time...

Insanely incredible pipe from a museum in coastal Connecticut, sent to me by scout-at-large AHN. This piece is amazing. It should inspire an entire collection of looks and goods and a whole lifestyle. 

Yabusame Necklace of ceramic, brass, and ribbon from Anthropologie by Marion Vidal.  Made in France, $598.

*Yabusame is a Japanese mounted archer. Appropriate since our school mascot where I rode and tacked (and cleaned stalls as punishment) those horses was an Archer...

Friday, August 19, 2011


You can't have amazing sunsets without clouds. Not possible. I didn't realize that until I moved to San Diego where there is no weather and no clouds. I was perplexed as to why I hadn't seen a good sunset in a while, and one cloudy evening (months ago) I noticed a flaming orange sky. I miss clouds. And thunderstorms. The sky is one of my favorite things. Stars, moon, clouds passing, rain, thunderheads building over open water in the distance. I didn't appreciate my previous skies until I had this cloudless one. I am trying not to complain - it is temperate and sunny here daily! Instead I observe. Just like some wise person said: sometimes you have to endure a little sorrow to know true happiness.  Or was it endure rain to see the rainbow? Something like that...

Yes this has been posted here before, but it is just a serene and gorgeous example of the imperfect being PERFECT! 
A sunset over Venice. Or maybe it was a sunrise? I am confused today.  Either way, please note the clouds are the best supporting actors at this show.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


In the late 1950s Lilly Pulitzer opened a juice stand in Palm Beach.  Legend has it that the juice stained her clothes, so she had some cotton block-printed and started making shifts to wear while working at the stand.  The trend caught on and the "Lilly" dress was born.  In 1959 Mrs. Pulitzer officially founded the clothing company; in 1984 it all ended because Lilly stopped "having fun".  Good for her.  Go out on a high note.
In 1993 a company called Sugartown, Ltd. wanted to revive the Brand, and that they did with Mrs. P herself at the helm of creativity.  Personally I was thrilled when new Lilly appeared in Vero Beach at one of those stuffy little beach shops on Ocean Drive.  I bought a skirt: pink and green with butterflies on it and the signature cotton lace decorating the edge.  It was a little frumpy, so I had it shortened. The company stuck to it and the Brand boomed in resort towns all over the East Coast.  I already had a nice collection of vintage Lilly going, and to that I added the new pieces.  Proper patchwork skirts that were stitched together like the good ol' days; wraps that were reversible. 
But then something happened.  They wore out their welcome getting "too big" and "too accessible".  That is not something that flies with that original Lilly crowd.  The patchworks even went downhill and were printed fabrics instead of sewn patches! When I saw that violation at Angela Moore in Newport it was the beginning of the end.  I have not bought any Lilly since.  In fact, I have a large box full of my 60s-70s Lilly and my 1993-2000 Lilly that lies in wait. 
I didn't even consider Lilly again until recently.  A few years ago Jane Schoenborn of Buzz by Jane Fox, a defunct and quirkly little accessories Brand, took over accessories at Lilly.  Jane is now Senior Designer.  Snaps to Jane S. because Lilly P. is looking a whole lot better these days.  She has really expanded the line and made it less saccharin.  Check out the palatable and relevant-to-most-of-our-lifestyles line yourself on their website.  In closing, I will share my favorite piece from their line (below). It's probably not something you want wear while squeezing oranges.

As a designer there's no requirement that you be all cashmere and cord in Fall.  This piece is from Lilly Pulitzer's Fall Collection.  The Eryn Dress. Please note it is striped.  At least I am consistent.
p.s. not a fan of the footwear choice case Jane is listening...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Isn't this fish chandelier just fantastic?  I would love to have this in an entry or over something domestic like a billiard table. 
I don't know where this came from so I have no reference. Oops. Sorry.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Imagine. Relax.

I think in images. If you say something to me, my mind immediately builds a little picture of that scenario/idea/item.  This can be a good thing, and a bad thing. It has pushed me to edit the types of things I watch, places I go, and things that I read.  For example I pretty much avoid the "news" for obvious reasons.  It's safe to say I have an active imagination, one that's catalyst is reality turned into my personal conceptions.
For now, this Sunday almost-afternoon, I will share an image to me that is perfection. A perfect blue oxford buttoned on to a beach umbrella - please note the background.  Doesn't it just make you relax looking at it? And doesn't it make you want to wear that blue oxford over your bathing suit? 
Not a terrible way to market an oxford by the way...
Blue oxford on vacation. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Seasonal Dressing to the Max

This shoot is from Harper's Bazaar Korea; a feature on "getaway chic".  I would like to look this chic on my getaway, or everyday.  I love the maxi skirt (and dress) right now.  For those of you living in a normal climate with proper seasons, there is a way to adapt the maxi into Fall. 
Frankly I don't even know if that's a fashion trend right now.  I did happen to save my incredible maxi skirts from 1999 that would look incredible with ballet flats and a fitted fisherman's knit sweater for the crispier months (that I will most likely not participate in due to my current latitude). Therefore I will adapt and wear them with leopard print haircalf ballet flats and a wonderfully minimalist grey t-shirt. And maybe a jacket if I am lucky. Til then, enjoy these summer days wherever you are; and prepare for the floating leaves and fun fashion of Fall.
Chic. This makes me want to go on vacation.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


My friend AHN sent me this picture the other day.  I love it.  The door at Chloe in NYC, I believe it is on Madison Ave.  Incredible.
The beauty generated by other people's style and creativity never ceases to inspire me.
"Now that's a door." - AHN, photographer, stylista, and explorer extraordinaire.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pretty Pictures

I don't have anything much to write about today, but I thought I would share some inspiring images.  I am trying to get my creative juices flowing so that I can create some jewelry pieces for summer-now, fall-soon, and summer-next-year. 
I was always obsessed with candy sticks. In hindsight I think I liked the colors and stripes more than the taste. In Ohio these things were ubiquitous. Candy, it's color, design, and texture are all of the reasons I named my jewelry line "Sugar". (I also have a slight obsession with jewelry - candy for adult women)

Destroyed Hermes Kelly bag courtesy of Kelly Wearstler's blog. Gorgeous. It has a perfect combination of acceptable rebel, just what my alter ego Punk Rock Heidi admires.

Fish. Pretty.

Isn't this an adorable book? I don't even know what it is. Picture courtesy of Anna Spiro a la Black & Spiro in Australia. I adore vintage book covers (as my grandmother predicted), and this one is especially cuirous.  

Anna Dello Russo's shoes. I cannot tell who made these, but they are divine.

Are you kidding me with these pink packages? Perfect! 
Have a wonderful August day.  Just sitting in the sunny and temperate California desert wishing for a rainstorm.  No, really, I am.  It rained here the other morning at 5:45 am and it was like a holiday. Remember my posts when I lived in Newport and hoped it wouldn't storm and ruin our beach parties? Yes, well, wishing for some weather...