Saturday, December 4, 2010

Urgent Message - The Aussie Domino is Born & You Can Read it Online!

We interrupt this dreadful winter season to bring you an announcement that there is a new Domino-style magazine in town.  Not really "in town", not even in this hemisphere.  BUT you can read it online!  It's brilliant. It's called Ivy & Piper...check it out ASAP for a winter blah pick me up.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fantasy Christmas Gift Guide...(part one)

This gift guide is dedicated to the people who have to shop for the people who have everything, or the folks who enjoy a dash of whimsy, or just simply to rival the usually impressive Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog. I haven't even seen one this year. Is it as good as it used to be? If not, this posting will surely not disappoint.
This is the candy button bench from this absolutely fabulous company called Jellio. I highly encourage you to visit this site (after you read my blog).  I was obsessed with the design perfection of the candy buttons.
This bench!  $1,200
If you find yourself suddenly wanting some candy buttons, in a large glass jar maybe?, you can try Retro Candy.  A case of these would make an incredible gift, too.  Slightly less expensive and cumbersome.

You don't have to be a genius to solve these Rubik's Cube Tables, but you do have to be a genius to have the wherewithal to make these.  Also from Jellio! $600 each

Last but certainly not least in the Jellio family: the Ice Cream Sandwich bench.  Really.  $950

Call this fish Jonah, he's got a lot longer than three days to survive in the belly of this whale fishbowl.
Designed by Skitsch, available online for 280 Euro

usb typewriter...for the snobbish writer on your list who still wants to hear the click and hum of a proper typewriter. It is a cool idea.  Available on $799 for this model or they offer adapter kits for your beloved dusty and unused typewriter.
That is a Seabob Cayago F7.  "Fastest one yet."  Who knew there were others? About $19 G's.
More to come...more to come...stay tuned.