Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Glove

While searching for information on who designed and made the legendary White Glove for Michael, I found an article by John Kehe on the Christian Science Monitor's website. Kehe designed a video for the Jackson's in 1980 and says that he witnessed the epiphany that was Michael's White Glove. While on tour of the studios Michael was interested in the white cotton glove worn by the film editor used to protect his hand from the running film. MJ asked if he could have one from the box. Later the glove was covered in Swarovski Crystal "loch rosen" crystals (Michael's actual glove shown above). The Glove was infamously worn in his 1983 performance of "Billie Jean", oft declared the moment he became the King of Pop.
In a 1986 article Michael was quoted as saying that the reason he often wore stage costumes offstage (specifically the Glove while in a burn unit) he said "this way I am never offstage". An appropriate insight to someone who was clearly himself the most while entertaining the world.

Long Live Michael.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Thoughts On Our 80s Legend

My love for the 80's, enthusiastically celebrated in this blog already, should prepare all of you for a tribute to the Man Himself, Michael Jackson.
Of course he was troubled and confused, in public and private. Most Influential Artists live in an otherworldly fog that mere mortals will never know; most of us are lucky that we will never experience their struggle of mind and spirit. Instead we are allowed to be the recipients of incredible gifts beladen on us by these immensely gifted people who sacrifice their sanity and a long life in order to make our worlds inherently better, inspiring, and magical.

Michael wasn't meant to live forever; someone like him never grows old in our minds and hearts. Alternatively he has been given a gift upon his departure: a celebration of his life, work, and unparalleled talent. Since Thursday I have heard MJ songs played on nearly every genre of radio station, and out of every kind of car imaginable. MJ may never have truly known the love and admiration his friends and fans had for him while he was here, I can only hope that he is now experiencing the world-wide outpouring of music and memories in these days after his death.
Now go jam out to some P.Y.T. or a little Human Nature. 'Til tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To: Avoid The Cobble-Wobble

The espadrille or wedge is really the only Newport-appropriate shoe in the summer. Therefore those of us who live here and visit here (packing proper attire*) are pleased that the wedge is still in fashion and easily attained. Though we try to wear other cute sandals from seasons past and present, it is often that we turn to the wedge to provide extra height plus assistance in maneuvering the cobblestones, bricks, lawns, and docks that we often navigate on an evening out.
Stubbs and Wootton Grace Espadrille, a favorite of mine although they do not offer them in as many wonderful colors as years past. How about Mimosa, S&W? It is Color of the Year afterall!
*please note that "proper attire" in Newport requires packing several layers including foul weather gear in anticipation of the temperature and precipitation variances that occur on a normal day. Clearly I have a preoccupation with the weather combined with fact that I am usually "dressed inappropriately" for the weather, ask the friends. Maybe it's wishful thinking.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The 19th Hole

Summer things: The Tervis Tumbler.Dedicated to Miqui, someone full of brilliant ideas, insight, and wit. Cheers to you in my 19th Hole Tervis!
...still waiting for summer in Newport although this is allegedly the "first day of summer"...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Delightfully Juicy

The color of this chandelier is delicious, a color Pantone not only calls "Mimosa" but has also named it Color of the Year. Not to mention the fixture itself is really juicy and delightful. Take a closer look.Ali found this little treasure, I am not sure where it is from. It belongs in a retro bungalow oozing with citrus zebra-print, stacks of vintage Flair magazines, and laquered everything.
Back to Color of the Year. I should be on this committee. If not declaring annual celebratory colors, at least assisting in naming them. Mimosa is not just a word, it is a sensory experience for anyone who has ever enjoyed a fresh Mimosa while admiring an incredible view, the morning after a noteworthy event, or during a vibrant holiday brunch. A cocktail to commemorate and savor. Now it is officially a color. Pantone did a delicious job deciding 2009's color and naming it appropriately (although I am still available to them for consult on future colors).
Juice yourself some oranges, pop the spare bottle, and enjoy one tomorrow morning. With the way this weather is on the East Coast we need little pleasures to keep us optimistic.

Monday, June 15, 2009

How To Age Well

What: Incredible faded and frayed Boat Tote from Brickman's
Where: NYYC's summer home, Harbor Court, Newport
When: Saturday Night, Tent Party
Why: Faded, frayed, perfect in every way... When Ali spotted one of the band members from the Ravers grabbing the tote, she wanted to know everything. He said it was a decade old (or more). When asked "how did you get it to fray like this?" - sure that he would answer it had been dragged behind their boat for those ten years - his bandmate answered that it was all of the Rum & Coke on his hands that decayed the handles.
Note to self: soak Boat Totes in Rum & Coke, leave in sun to ferment, fade, and fray, continue to play Totes reggae melodies to mellow the bags even more.
A recipe for a perfect summer? I'll keep you posted.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Thousand Words

It has been raining and/or foggy in Newport since last summer. I am barely kidding. It is still raining AND foggy here today. I think my picture below says it all. I am trying to think this scenario into existence.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A-ha! Strawberries!

I am pleased to report that Sweetberry Farm now has STRAWBERRIES. If you are anywhere near Newport, Rhode Island I strongly encourage you to dash as fast as you possibly can to the purveyor of delicious, sweet, juicy red berries that taste like the ones I used to devour back home in Ohio from the empty field next to our lake house. This berry thing is the final notch in the countdown to summer here in Newport. Some of the noted signs are:
The Pearl Patio opening and their mudslide machine in full swing
The Midway and Summer Sushi at the Cooke House
Dockwise in the Harbor
The Ravers
Break of dawn at around 4:45 am (are we near the arctic circle or something?)
My first sunny day at Gooseberry that I enjoyed thouroughly yesterday with Sarah and Vieve.
Happy Summer.

Loop and Whirl Up Some Underwater Delights

Does anyone know how to crochet out there? Do you have a little extra time? Below is a super cute crocheted coral branch that I adore from an etsy artist called jpolka.
Crochet your own Coral! I mean come on! This is terrific!
She sells her crochet patterns, lots of sea life: cuttlefish, octopus, a "Gentleman Prawn" (brilliant). She even has a set of mustaches. Do I need to state the obvious? This person, jpolka, is a genius.
Here's the problem, I am not. I need someone to make this bad boy for me. And everything else that she sells. Any takers?

Friday, June 5, 2009

She's a Hoot

My friend Genevieve loves Owls (so does Ali). Genevieve really loves them because she is a funny person, the life of the party...and she says she's "a hoot".

Who doesn't need a mascot to remind them that they are witty and fun to be around? This is a vintage owl belt, a mere $14 on Day Lab, a website that carries quirky vintage items most of them less than $30. I bought myself some sweet HB initials there over the winter, although I might look a little too O.G.* in them.

*That's "Original Gangster" for those of you born later than 1985, ref: Ice-T.

In the Sky with Diamonds

This is not a diamond studded space-ship from the new Star Wars movie. It is, in fact, a delicious cuff bracelet from London-based inspired and boundless jeweler, Solange Azagury-Partridge. While I am on the topic, though...Did you know that Neutron Stars have such dense carbon centers that they are actually (scientifically most likely) giant diamonds*?
*We are talking diamonds that are millions of carats or more. Take that Harry Winston.
A Neutron Star is formed when a Supernova in a Giant Star occurs causing an enormous (understatement) outward blast that is so large it actually then collapses on itself.
I just thought I would share that tidbit of information. Happy Friday.