Saturday, November 8, 2008

How Did T. Edison Do It?

I wish I was a functioning insomniac with a touch of mania to keep me motivated.
There is not enough time in the day for me and my personality/habits to get everything done that I am inspired to create, engineer, and investigate. Maybe I need a staff of small elves that take direction well?

Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Marc Jacobs...all incredible innovators. Even if Marc or Albert didn't really discover anything new, their ability to take information and re-interpret it, present it, and inspire others deserves accolades. Cheers to Marc on this latest Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 collection. It was Marc, wasn't it?
Please note this necklace...

R&Y Augousti, Paris...

These bags are nothing short of delicious. Everyone needs a good clutch. It can double as a wallet. A clutch can be pulled out of your suitcase of a handbag and taken with you on many after-dark adventures. R&Y Augousti's clutches are the most incredible way to do just this.

R&Y Augousti's handbags are inspired by their furniture collection started in 1990. Every piece is handmade using top quality exotic skins from ostrich, stingray and eel accented by bronze hardware. The clutch shown above is shown in taupe ostrich skin with stingray detail. Similar pieces are available in bright pink and chocolate brown at my retail store, Luxe Newport, for $380. Also featured at Luxe Newport are clutches in navy blue ostrich and patent-looking eel skins; as well as the cream puff piece of our collection: a chocolate leather bag with green Malachite handles and cabochon detail for $440.

I strongly urge you to invest in a fun, interesting, colorful, texturized, or simply delicious clutch. For more information on the R&Y Augousti clutches available at CK Bradley in NYC, call 212-988-7999 or email