Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Style

Excellent look, for the Serengeti or Farmer's Market.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday Style (on Monday)

This shirt dress is perfection! Spring is here and summer is soon to follow... Isn't this dress gorgeous and exaggerated as fashion is supposed to be?

Friday, April 12, 2013

Artisans & Antiques at Habersham...

As usual I have committed myself to another event!  Really I enjoy them, except the night before. 
Tomorrow my co-Promoter (and mother) and I are hosting Artisans & Antiques at Habersham in Beaufort, South Carolina.
Habersham is the cutest new urbanism neighborhood in the Lowcountry.  We are lucky enough to have our little pop-up shop here, The Boxwood Cottage.  Bobbi and I cannot resist the temptation of throwing together an event for all to enjoy! 
Check out the website for more information if you happen to be in the Beaufort area!  We would love for you to discover Habersham and this lovely collection of artists, craftsmen, chefs, and antique dealers we have assembled.  Until then...

Monday, April 8, 2013

Margaret Thatcher

I was lucky enough, at the insistence of my roommate, CB, to hear Margaret Thatcher speak at my alma mater, Elon College in the late 90s. Thank you to CB for pushing me to go.
For days before she arrived Elon students were fascinated by Scotland Yard lurking around our campus. They brought bloodhounds and one even played bagpipes. Americans love a foreigner, especially a Brit.
What I recall the most about PM Thatcher's speech at Elon was that she was educated as a chemist. It's as if CB had some inside information that this would be the main message I heard. I was working on my BS in chemistry at the time, and eventually graduated with the degree. I was not meant to be a chemist, doctor, or lifelong student of higher learning. Neither was Margaret. As Mrs. Thatcher had done for so many in the UK, and others around the world, she gave me hope. She gave me hope as a young woman that I didn't have to be a slave to my science education. I could pursue and do what I wanted to do, what I needed to do (none of it was going to be accomplished in a white lab coat).
Of course that chemistry background is where our similarities end, for now. Margaret Thatcher is a woman to admire and study, a woman with the utmost integrity, direction, patriotism, intelligence, and sense of humor. At the very least we can take one page from her extraordinary life and apply it to our own.

I love, I mean L.O.V.E., that Margaret Thatcher is wearing a caftan in this photo with the Queen.  Chic.

Two of my favorite historical figures of all time.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Style, part deux : for Lilly Pulitzer

Thank you to darling Lilly Pulitzer for making our lives a little more colorful in Beachfront states and landlocked cornfields. The Pucci of America, she has been an inspiration.
I have collected vintage and new Lilly for, well, decades now. Even during the quiet Lilly years of my life, I bought a few vintage pieces. How can you resist? They are like clothing candy, and I love candy.
I hope we all reach into our summer wardrobes and whip out some Lilly in her honor. A woman who pioneered the color movement in the name of hiding fruit juice staining. Practical, gorgeous, fun-loving, and eccentric...Long Live Lilly Pulitzer. xoxo

Sunday Style

She was a style genius. Who doesn't love a woman who wears a boar tusk necklace in such an elegant way? Cheers to your legacy, DV.