Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fashion Topsider

Alas, the end of summer is creeping is not reflected in the thermometer just yet, but I am longing for some crisp days simmering down into yellowy light. 
With that crispiness comes some great wardrobing options.  AHN sent me these gems tonight and I immediately thought of my friend Michael-Francois who wears a brilliant pair in-season made of grass green canvas. 
The Autumn Deck Shoe
But the distinctly autumn deck shoe assisting in making the transition from necessary summer sporting fashion of topsider to just plain Fashion Topsider? Such subtle brilliance. 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cutest Chilly Bear Ever

White Bear with Red Scarf
This could be the cutest thing I have seen today.  
It is a brooch, available on etsy by an Irish artist whose username is ememem.
Ahhhhh, I LOVE him. And his little rabbit friends.  Check out her pages on etsy to see more adorable felted wool friends.


I adore the color pink.  It is my favorite color.  Sure I have had bouts with yellow and orange, and green here and there.  I always come back to pink.  It seems that I choose pink as my favorite color during the happiest times in my life.  I try on other colors as my favorites when I think I need a little break from myself.  
Alas, I always come back to pink...
sign not from the Pink Elephant in beloved Boca Grande, FL...
 In the late 1600s "pink" was used to describe a yellowish pigment, then the most expensive color you could purchase.  George Washington promptly painted rooms at Monticello in vibrant yellow tones.  Eventually "pink" was used to describe a combination of red and white, and therefore was considered a masculine color due to its red origins. No one really knows why the switch occurred in the1940s to pink being considered a "feminine" color. I love a man in a pink shirt, blazer or pants.

"I adore pink. It is the navy blue of India." -Diana Vreeland*
(*I borrowed this from another blog, thank you. I wanted to share it with my blog friends.)
Hello! A pink typewriter is 1000x more chic than a pink Mac!

Reaching Out

Daniel Villegas Opal Ring
How gorgeous is the gold work on this ring?  I feel slightly how this ring looks, more in the abstract jellyfish sense than the elegant, interesting, glowing, solid sort of way...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Eternally Appropriate

I love this skinny little ring.  I have always been partial to the notion of wearing a very thin gold band instead of a stack of this-and-that plus a thumping big stone (personally).  If there are going to be diamonds involved, I think this great little ring by Zoe at Barney's is gorgeous.  $2,200.

...and for the right hand...this ring by Alice Cicolini on Kabiri

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Love of Paisley

Favorite color? Hot pink, fuschia, neon pink...
Favorite artist? Alexander Calder.
Favorite designer? YSL for handbags, Miu Miu for shoes, Marc for everything.
Favorite jewelry designer? Solange Azagury-Partridge.
Favorite pattern? Liberty of London paisley (below). If I was a pattern, this would be it.
I insisted on paisley wallpaper in my bedroom when I was 15. It was brilliant. The room was reworked before the house was sold. Damn shame what they did to that wallpaper.

Tudor with Liberty Lining, Please

I really love Liberty of London...It seems that Mr. Blahnik has smartly collaborated with Liberty. He will have a pop up shop inside the store selling his divine creations improved only by using Liberty fabrics. Good idea. And you know what? If I was Manolo, I might just live in the store for a bit.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Art of Observation

I haven't written in a while...but I have the intention to write more*.
It is my goal this late summer, that will undoubtedly melt into early fall which will feel more like a never ending Indian Summer, to spend a little more time observing. I want to document the details of color, pattern, texture, and composition that inspire me. Most importantly these careful observations, or distractions, cause me to slow down and enjoy where I*. My friend Ali (AHN) took this photo yesterday and shared it with me while we were driving to one of our favorite haunts, The Matouk Outlet, a concrete-floored garden of bed linen splendor. I loved her observation and conscious effort to capture this bed of thread. Ali's observation of detail in a seemingly average still life evokes in me the remembrance that I want to spend a little more time in the present, and some extra time sharing beautiful details.
As for the asterisked now*, consider the word. Now. As soon as you say the word "now" it is already "then". This sounds like a ludicrous rant from Spaceballs the Movie, but Dark Helmet's subordinate (Col. Sandurz) had a good point.