Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pending Seasons

In New England, where I have spent most of my adult (post collegiate) life, this week has been called "the last official week of summer". Most kids think so too since school kicks off next week.

As I said in my last post, my year really ends and begins with the VPF. Since my summer is unofficially coming to a close this weekend, I thought I would share a few fond photo memories. Enjoy these waning humid days; the crispy air is coming (and my boot collection cannot wait).
Genius.  Need one for next summer. 
A Ferris Bueller sky.  In Ohio while driving south.
The COLOR!  I want to paint something this color immediately.  If only it were scratch-n-sniff paint...
Fresh Strawberry ice cream from Sweetberry Farm in Rhode Island.  By the way, the BEST ice cream I have ever eaten.  It's made by this uber talented British woman named Suzanne.  I swear there is a whole cow in each pint.  It's also $9.95 per pint if that gives you an idea about the process and the ingredients. 
Peonies from Sweetberry Farm.  Perfect, fragrant, grown in a field not in a hot house. 

Monday, August 27, 2012


Monday morning before a holiday weekend...a holiday weekend that leads me to Ohio where I'll be a busy bee preparing for our annual event: The Village Peddler Festival. My Mother founded the event in 1982 at a picturesque campgrounds in the heart of Northeastern Ohio's farmlands.

My Mother owned a store called "The Village Peddler" in a nearby town that was filled with work from craftsmen and artists from all over Ohio and Pennsylvania. It was only open a little over a year, but it felt like longer in my young life. When the store building was razed, my Mother was urged to open another location for the craftsmen to sell their work. Eventually the Village Peddler Festival was born.

It has evolved considerably in 31 years. I enjoy the event, and work at it with my Mother. We moved it to a gorgeous park just east of Cleveland called Lake Metroparks Farmpark. We have more than 160 artists and craftsmen from all over the Northeast and Midwest. It opens on the second weekend after Labor Day, this year being September 15 & 16.

I enjoy the show very much now that I am not a teenager; seeing vendors return year after year (some have been with us for over two decades!) and meeting new artists and craftsmen. Sure there's a little frenzy that builds up to the show opening, but after all of the worry about weather and logistical placement of the booth spaces it is consistent fun.  The VPF is truly the yearly marker in my life like New Year's Eve is to others. 

I'll post some highlights from the event. Until then there are moments where I feel like the photo I've posted below.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Best Sleep

It is said that the best sleep in your life can occur while the waves lap near your bedside (on a boat). If I cannot catch my z's on a boat nightly, the bed below would probably be the next best thing. Seeing as I am not a morning person, I would worry about my pre-caffeinated self trying to gracefully disembark my nest in the A.M.
Happy weekend.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Perfect Print. No, really. PERFECT.

Ai! This is incredible. I need to buy it and hoard it for a house I will never leave.  Or maybe put it on panels so I can take it everywhere.  Would it be strange to paper the inside of one's car? 
Perfect. I'll be nice and give you the link.  Furbish, two rolls $105

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Right Shade of Envy

I'm not one for a flashy watch, but I am interested in a flashy vintage watch. Vintage makes anything vulgar seem less so by adding patina, mystery, and rarity. Therefore this Malachite Rolex is firmly planted in my wheelhouse.

There's nothing like the wavy greens in gorgeous Malachite. It was the first mineral that I learned - and learned how to spell - taught to me by my Grandmother. She was an avid collector of antiques and jewelry. I blame her for my obsession with sparkle, and well deserved gratitude for influencing my chosen profession. She definitely would have approved of this insanely perfect Rolly. xoxo
Malachite Rolly = Perfection

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jolly Good

Ah, another delicious find. The Fiat Jolly. Adorable runabout auto punctuated with good humor, infamous owners (Jackie O), rarity (possibly less than one hundred still exist), and how can we ignore WICKER seats!!!
I'm pretty sure I snapped a red one at the IKEA parking lot in San Diego. It was unmarked and looked perfectly vintage - candy apple red with bumble bee accents for humor (jolly). I'll have to look for that pic to confirm the sighting. I love a good vintage whip.

Golden Fish

I love taxidermy. (I should be hung on a wall for the time it's been since I've blogged). I found this gorgeous idea from one of the stylishly genius people that I follow around on Pinterest: my latest visual addiction. Of course this golden fish idea means I will be scouring tag sales galore for cast off fish and spraying them gold. Either that or the Walleye from my parent's storage unit are no longer safe. We shall find out when I land in Ohio again.