Monday, August 27, 2012


Monday morning before a holiday weekend...a holiday weekend that leads me to Ohio where I'll be a busy bee preparing for our annual event: The Village Peddler Festival. My Mother founded the event in 1982 at a picturesque campgrounds in the heart of Northeastern Ohio's farmlands.

My Mother owned a store called "The Village Peddler" in a nearby town that was filled with work from craftsmen and artists from all over Ohio and Pennsylvania. It was only open a little over a year, but it felt like longer in my young life. When the store building was razed, my Mother was urged to open another location for the craftsmen to sell their work. Eventually the Village Peddler Festival was born.

It has evolved considerably in 31 years. I enjoy the event, and work at it with my Mother. We moved it to a gorgeous park just east of Cleveland called Lake Metroparks Farmpark. We have more than 160 artists and craftsmen from all over the Northeast and Midwest. It opens on the second weekend after Labor Day, this year being September 15 & 16.

I enjoy the show very much now that I am not a teenager; seeing vendors return year after year (some have been with us for over two decades!) and meeting new artists and craftsmen. Sure there's a little frenzy that builds up to the show opening, but after all of the worry about weather and logistical placement of the booth spaces it is consistent fun.  The VPF is truly the yearly marker in my life like New Year's Eve is to others. 

I'll post some highlights from the event. Until then there are moments where I feel like the photo I've posted below.

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