Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beat the Heat

The weather here is going to hit a "near record high" in the next two days.  Despite my overwhelming excitement about being back on the East Coast, I have to say my body is a little more used to the dry desert.  Humidity is not really my friend (I don't think it ever was)...the best thing about heat and humidity? The thunderstorms! 
I was poking around through some pix and saw these images to remind me how I need to dress for success in the humid heat over the next few days.  Currently I am enjoying the crispiness of a cotton maxi dress (something I am currently addicted to much to the dismay of the rest of my closet) and some gold Jacks.  Nothing like a uniform to get you through the tangles of the day.
I love this look, it's so casual but slightly premeditated.  It really made me want a pair of python Sperry's. 

Need I say more?

Giovanna = super chic.  She is impeccably dressed and I LOVE the safari.  It's probably some vintage YSL layered over something she found in the trash bin outside of Zara and I am sure it's like 102 degrees and she looks so incredible. 

I have shared this before.  I love this dress.  This time, and in this heat I might rip those sleeves off and add some flat sandals. 

It's so big that it doesn't touch your know those hot days when you just want a cotton tent nearby to cover you for decency's sake but nothing more?  This is the dress, and it looks good. 

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