Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh Happy Day

Disco Balls...
This post is in honor of one of my BFFs from College.  Yesterday was her birthday, and I missed it (ugh).  Most of the time my mind is whirring around the creative universe, not quite tied to calendars and clocks.  Even still when I miss a birthday I feel terrible. 
Both of these images remind me of her.  Not only was she super fun in College (her 21st birthday was excellent because her name is longer than mine...), but she has been a loyal and supportive and FUN friend since.  Just days after we got our bids I met her in her cheerleading uniform and long blonde braids.  She kept me in check when we had pledges of our own.  I moved to her home-island after college and her family welcomed me with open arms.  She was even the connection and catalyst that moved me to Newport.  And she danced on the tables at my 30th birthday (what else would I expect?). 
She is a great mother, a good friend, and one of the funniest people I know with the biggest heart.  Thanks for being my amazing friend, Docks.  Sorry I missed your birthday...of course now we are probably not as concerned about the age as we were in 1997...

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