Saturday, March 9, 2013

Adorable Savannah

I am lucky enough to live near Savannah.  I have touted this little bit before, I know. 
Savannah has stately, grand, elaborate mansion-esque "houses" all lined up facing gorgeous squares and brushed with Live Oaks dripping in Spanish Moss.  This is the Savannah everyone comes to enjoy via trolley or walking tour.  It's lovely, and I truly love it. 
There is another side of Savannah, too, that most tourists aren't lucky enough to see (the locals are probably alright with this).  The numbered streets that run East-West just south of the squares and giant Forsyth Park are just as wonderful as the "downtown" area of Savannah.  The houses start as massive and columned and lined up like well dressed belles one boulevard strolls.  Slowly as you meander into the 40s and 50s the big homes shrink into adorable bungalows.  Even though they are small they are not want for detail. 
This morning while on Vintage Safari (see my other job at The Boxwood Cottage) I came across this very well done home. Cozy and a rather miniature version of the houses that decorate Victory Drive, this house is just as elegant and a bit easier to take in completely.  Don't get away without noticing the French doors that open onto the porch.  Excellent!

One of Savannah's hidden gems. 

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