Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Layers, Part Two...Inspiration: Where the Wild Things Are

I think one of the most exciting parts about Fashion Week is observing trends and innovations.  I love the creative aspect of the entire process.  The shows, the looks, the fabrics, everything.  It's inspiring. 
One thing I love the most is when two or more designers have a similar idea - especially when it seems really kind of far out.  It's not like they noticed this look on a growing number of punk rock show-goers in London or while lunching at Bergdorf's. 
And I present the Layered Look of Knitted Kitties (the second one might be a raccoon sans black-eyes, not sure, or is it a fox?). 

Miguel Adrover FW 2012 New York.
Miguel is decidedly and openly anti-fashion-establishment.  His entire collection is made from recycled (read: used) clothing.  He is probably the designer that inspires some of those nutty Project Runway challenges.  He does an interesting job.  Some is really wack and some is really interesting*.  Either way, he has a unique perspective...
Although the Knitted Kitties and Layered Look is something he shares with Mr. Thom Browne (below). 
*More Miguel Adrover to come later.

Thom Browne FW 2012 New York
Thom went for the giant Knitted Kitty and Layer Look.  Giant Layers, Giant Kitty.
This layering is too much for me.  And I am not going to start sewing my stuffed animals to my clothes either.  

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