Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Man Gifts

It seems kind of a challenge for me to know what to buy for a man.  What is a man gift?  Considering my taste and tendency to lean strongly towards items I prefer, it can be a challenge to edit my choices according to someone else's wants... Therefore take this variety with a grain of salt (or a shot of Gosling's). 
This post's disclaimer to Mr. M, please don't fret when you read this; barely anything from this list is making it under our tree (wink wink).
Needlepoint men's "slippers".  Yes they look like spectators.  It's pretty great.  I agree. 
(Mr. M loves his spectators that he wore during the second half of our wedding.)

Best book cover of all time - it's woven fabric.  It's an old book, hard to find, but looks amazing in a vignette! 
I did marry some adventure but have not read this story...yet.   

Verdura carved coral and gold strawberry cufflinks.  About $11 Large.  Carved. Coral.  Stunning. 

Stingray iPhone covers - gorgeous!  I love the variations on iphone covers.  And iPads.  Seriously it's the cover options that make me want an iPad.  Really. 

Duuu nuh...duuuu nuh.  Genius cufflinks. 

You know how I feel about this can, and what it contains, and the fact that it is seemingly unavailable in Southern California.  Mmm hmm. 
I wish I had some empty cans because I would consider doing an entire Christmas Tree devoted to Dark'n'Stormies. How great would these look against the pine? 

Last but not least, a gift of some time on the beach would be a nice present.  See even this bull likes the beach.  Doesn't he look relaxed?  I can sense it in his blank stare.  Very zen moment. 

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Anonymous said...

Where can I get those shark cufflinks from?!