Wednesday, December 14, 2011

...and a few more ideas...

Here are a few more ideas of gifts for other people.  Or maybe for myself.  Either way, here's some cool stuff to check out...

Best Friendship Bracelet Ever.  Excellent.  How did I not think of this look when I was 11 and making these things semi-professionally?  I need one of these immediately if anyone is listening.  Oh right, this is not supposed to be about me anymore.  These are presents for other people.  Shoot. 

Alexa Pulitzer Stag Alphabet correspondence cards, $75.  BG
These are incredible! 

Boissier candies, $15. I really just like the tins. I am sure the candy is nice, too. Great looking stocking stuffer.

Rablabs Agate and Gold rimmed cheese plate, $450.  BG.  Gorgeous. 

John Darien luggage tag decoupage trays.  I Love Graphics and Fonts and Design.  These are wonderful. 

Unicorn Stocking from Barney's Lady Gaga collection.  I love whimsy.  It makes me want a safari collection of stockings...hmm. 

Pancracio chocolate sardines in porcelain container.  I do not like fish, especially fish that comes in a can.  These fish are the exception. 

Michael Wainwright bowl, $385 @ BG.  Love. 

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