Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Right to Bare Arms

My obsessions tend to overlap. It's the same skip in my style record that reminds me to indulge my neuroses and buy lots of stripes, grey sweaters, boots, and several fur vests.
I am sure I have rambled on about the virtues of the vest on this blog before. All I can hope for is that you either haven't heard my rant about vests yet, or that at least these photos (below) are new to your eyes. 
The vest is one of the most versatile pieces you can own (provided you live in a climate that supports versatility...if not, create your own climate indoors that supports vest versatility).  What a layering piece!  It looks incredible over, under, over and under, inbetween, draped over, inside, and nearly solo.  The bottom line is that the fur vest is chic.  And it keeps your arms free for other needs.  The fur vest keeps your heart warm, and warms your heart.  Awwww. 
Excellent use as an accent of color and texture to this parka look. 

Ooh, Tibetan curly lamb.  Love.  So soft.  I have one in black, it's longer, and I sort of look like a giant muppet in it.  But that does not make it less amazing. 

Black fur vest with bare legs, attitude not included (but enhanced by the cigarette smoking).

Fuzzy fur with sleek leather. In Paris of course. Where you can get away with almost any sartorial concoction provided you are within the city.  If foreign you may need to legitimize your style choices with le smoking.  Not that I am condoning that habit, I am just pointing out that it seems to be thematic. And allowed. 

Big vest, chubby vest, tall vest, stripey vest.  A vest for all! 

Ms. Moss wearing lovely gilet and looking perfectly styled.  Although I am sure she threw this on at the last second because of a chill or something.  (more on Kate in a later post.  stay tuned)

Olivia Palermo in a great fur vest, just the right length, color, etc.  Again the owner of another well-curated wardrobe.

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