Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nature vs. Nurture

I have never been the garden girl.  I appreciate a good garden and I adore flowers.  But gardening has never been my thing.  Maybe it's the dirt or the fact that I can kill every green thing that moves into or adjacent to my house.  I think I just want to show up and have it all blooming and perfect kind of like I live at the botanical gardens.
These little spots below are divine.  I could see myself enjoying the butterflies and whatnot there.
Those adirondacks are perfection.  Don't they just melt away your cares by looking at them?

I love Zinnias.  They are amazing.  Love.  Sunflowers are great for about a day until their heads get so big they cannot stand it anymore.  I love a playhouse in the garden.  My friend Melissa had one growing up, and I thought it was pretty normal to have a little house in the garden that was all yours.  That was really NICE and I wish I had an adult garden house now.  Maybe once we plant some roots...(SSM will be tending those due to my inability to get any root-bearing thing to thrive.)

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Scott S. Mielock said...

Did I just get "Volun-told" from 12,000 miles away that I would be responsible for something? :)