Monday, November 2, 2009

More Than A Pet Peeve

I absolutely cannot contain myself one more second about this subject. Therefore I am starting a new month of entries with a little note to all of you about my very severe and yet-still-growing distain for the phrase: "to be honest with you".
I would not hire someone who uses the phrase, and I am seriously considering de-friending people (in real life not on that faux life website) who are using this phrase. Whether you are little George Washington (below) or Honest Abe, the bottom line is that when this cliche is used I think that you are: a) about to lie to me, or b) have already told me a lie somewhere in your previous words.
I know some of you may argue that it is not your intention to make the listener feel so betrayed when you thoughtlessly blurt out the cliche: "to be honest with you". Please, argue. Use more cliches to prove your point. But I will still think you are lying or have lied in some capacity.
So do all of us a favor, including your founding fathers, and stop saying "to be honest with you" and "honestly". They are trash words taking up space where thoughtfulness and intellegence should be instead.
Tomorrow my entry will be colorful and aesthetically pleasing.
*The GW is for you may need to send me pictures of your "Washington Monument" to is inspiring and makes that chore so entertaining.

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