Friday, November 6, 2009

A Day Off Island...Providence

It is the time of year where Dockwise has made it's last pick up in Newport Harbor (this past Tuesday)...sure restaurants are offering weekday specials and there is no wait for a table any longer. All of it makes me sad for the summer we didn't really have here this year due to Mother Nature's incongruent decision to offer rain and chill and a teaser of sun and a chilly fall.
More importantly, we can run off to Providence as an escape to a "city" without dragging ourselves North on Rt 24 into Boston driving madness. Design*Sponge has aWONDERFUL Providence Guide online that features the cityby neighborhood. I say choose one and explore. This is excellent for the doldrums blowing down with the Canadian air... Pick one this weekend! I am going up there today to scout some of my favorite vintage stores and make a much needed hit on Sephora for skin survival gear.

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