Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Go Ahead, Flash Me.

My latest concern has been the lack of fireflies on Aquidneck Island (aka: Newport). Since moving here in 2001 I have never ever seen one neon flash in the grass. Growing up in Northeastern Ohio, many summer twlights were consumed with capturing "lightening bugs" (as we called them in the Midwest) in jars with holey lids. My sisters-by-association, Melissa, Tammy, and I, would dart around the lawn capturing our fascinating friends that we were sure would continue flashing throughout the night while perched on our bedside tables. They never did, by the way. If they had it would have meant they were trying to mate with us. Better off.
An article in the Projo yesterday shared a concern that pollution and fertilizers may be the cause of dwindling firefly populations. The Museum of Science in Boston has been doing a study with participants from around the world who are keeping track of firefly activity. To participate and learn more, visit their Firefly Watch.
I urge you to do so since I cannot dart around any lawns in Newport capturing lightening bugs. Now is the time; neon is so in this year!

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