Friday, July 24, 2009

"Filet Of Sole, Baby, It's My Favorite Dish..."

Delicious fish earrings! I love oddities and these are scrumptious. I don't even like to eat fish, maybe it's the Pisces in me.
But in honor of a friend's "Fish Luck" party tomorrow - a Top Chef-like cookoff where the contestants choose a meat of their choice (tomorrow the dish is fish, baby) and then the flavor and presentation is judged and something is awarded besides Pride although I am not sure what - I have chosen Fish Earrings. These would be perfect to wear to the backyard extravaganza! Instead I will dig up something else nautical and fishy.
Available at Anthropologie online for $178, they are 3 1/2" long!

*Title quote from Dead Milkmen's ballad "Filet of Sole".
P.S. I majorly heart the Dead Milkmen mascot cow logo!!! (below)


Summer is a Verb said...

I love those earrings! And fish...XXOO

Kalee said...

Those earrings are so great!♠