Thursday, February 21, 2013

Malachite: A Stone Needing No Introduction

There's no hiding the fact that another one of my obsessions is Malachite.  I have written about it before.  In fact, I haven't used it very often in my jewelry work for the mere facts that a) not all Malachite is cut equally and well cut Malachite is hard to find; b) I want to be sure everyone appreciates it at the same level I do...
As I have said on this very blog before, Malachite was the first semi-precious gemstone I learned from my Grandmother.  She was an avid jewelry connoisseur, dealer, and collector.  I attribute my appreciation and connection to Malachite to my Grandmother, M.E.Q.
See below for a few Malachite developments.  I am certain I have shared the Rolex before.  It's too good not to revisit.  Happy Thursday!
This piece is just too incredible. Solid gold Rolly with malachite face.  Circa 1970s (I believe).  Most good design to this tune was worked out in the 70s.  Chic.  Would go well with a cocoa brown 1977 Benz convertible if you ask me... Last I checked a similar Rolex to above photo was going for about $22,500.  A hair more than the Benz.

I think this is a Nate Berkus.  Correct me if I am wrong.  Regardless, I would love to do a lav in black beadboard and Malachite paper.  Hello!  I would probably add a little more brass and bamboo in lieu of the rope detail...bamboo being a leading obsession here at the Sugarbuzz and all...

Drawer pull.  Who makes this I am unsure.  But it's genius as all things Malachite really are...

That's it.  One word.  Lanvin.  Besides the Rolex or a Malachite accented vintage Benz (or Jeep Wagoneer! ah!) this is really design perfection.  Chic. Green. Gold. Lanvin. Paris.

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