Friday, September 30, 2011

The Lost Art

I still write things down.  I love to write and use my penmanship (although it can swing from swoopy and pretty to socially disturbed).  My friend Kurt gave me an excellent book on handwriting analysis years ago.  Maybe that's why people don't hand write me anymore? 
Below are a few reasons you should put your handwriting to use, plus one adorable poster.  These Rifle Paper people have their adorable artwork down.  It's wonderful and so warm and fuzzy, I love!  These also make wonderful gifts! 
I would get a lot more done if this little guy was wearing his striped coat in my office telling me what to do.
From Rifle Paper Company, $8.

Modern day hieroglyphic rosetta stone...or cute animal pictures?  You decide. 
(since I already know my alphabet I am tempted to use these adorable animals in coded conversations...)
p.s. Thank God for the Quail, he really saves the day with the whole Q Animal Alphabet thing.
From Rifle Paper Company, $40.

They. Are. Wearing. Hats.
From Rifle Paper Company, set of eight cards $16

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