Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Alexander Sterling Calder

Alexander Calder has been my favorite artist since I discovered his paintings, and admired his wit.  Calder preferred to have a sense of humor about his work.  He is credited with inventing the mobile sculpture, but beyond mobiles he created all kinds of pieces.  His creative medium was boundless - jewelry, paintings, large scale sculpture, a jet... 
Today is Calder's 113th birthday (thanks Google for reminding us).  Happy Birthday to someone whose fearlessness in self-expression is still celebrated.
Calder wire Elephant sculpture

Calder, "Les Etoiles" 1975

Calder, "Sucre de Canne" 1973
1973 Calder designed a jet for Braniff International Airways. He called it a "flying canvas".
Anjelica Houston in one of Calder's incredible jewelry pieces.  It is believed that he tinkered with metal to create bits of jewelry to sell to his friends in order to raise money for his other artistic pursuits. 

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