Friday, June 3, 2011

Something to Fill the Green Void

It should come as no surprise that I have another entry regarding something striped. 
If you cannot find an available zebra to adorn your out-of-doors, may I suggest Z Gallerie's striped pavilion?  This piece is quite wonderful poolside (three of them would be incredible - mockingly reminiscent of cabanas) or sitting obviously in your green grass.  Ah!  What an enormously perfect accessory for a croquet lawn!  
Striped Pavilion from Z Gallerie, $599
These lanterns with the pavilion would be overkill, but are perfect as a dash of striped fantasia bobbing from your tree limbs.  Especially because they are more in the range of an impulse buy than the pavilion. 
Although who can live one more day staring at their empty span of lawn?  An investment, I say.  Your friends and family will reminisce someday about those stripes, that pavilion, those cocktails...    
Happy Summer.
Striped Paper Lanterns from Z Gallerie $12.95

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