Sunday, October 24, 2010

How Can You Cross the Brooklyn Bridge Without Shoes?

Designer denim shark held captive in Brooklyn
I visited the new Barney's Co-op that opened on Atlantic Avenue the day it opened, October 14.  There were treats and a Pellegrino bar.  Delicious giant gauzy scarves, Marc by Marc bags, Alexander Wang and Opening Ceremony for miles, well yards and yards.  And no shoes. 
I was so excited about the idea of a Barney's on Atlantic!  Just four blocks from my house, and flanked by a massive Trader Joe's and a shop that sells curry, almonds, and improved How To Bellydance videos (I cannot make this up)... But no shoes?  I think this was a major oversight by Barney's. 
Maybe they will remove some of the massive quantities of denim from the basement and create a little shoe department.  Without shoes, this Co-op is a Designer 7-11.

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