Monday, August 23, 2010


I adore the color pink.  It is my favorite color.  Sure I have had bouts with yellow and orange, and green here and there.  I always come back to pink.  It seems that I choose pink as my favorite color during the happiest times in my life.  I try on other colors as my favorites when I think I need a little break from myself.  
Alas, I always come back to pink...
sign not from the Pink Elephant in beloved Boca Grande, FL...
 In the late 1600s "pink" was used to describe a yellowish pigment, then the most expensive color you could purchase.  George Washington promptly painted rooms at Monticello in vibrant yellow tones.  Eventually "pink" was used to describe a combination of red and white, and therefore was considered a masculine color due to its red origins. No one really knows why the switch occurred in the1940s to pink being considered a "feminine" color. I love a man in a pink shirt, blazer or pants.

"I adore pink. It is the navy blue of India." -Diana Vreeland*
(*I borrowed this from another blog, thank you. I wanted to share it with my blog friends.)
Hello! A pink typewriter is 1000x more chic than a pink Mac!

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heffae said...

well my penchant for pink is widely known and documented so i'm a big fan of this post (and especially that phenomenal typewritter)

oh yeah, i'm searching for a great Pink Elephant sign from NorCal... it's somewhere in this damn machine!