Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cuff 'Em

I am not a huge fan of the live, roving, squawking, mating Peacock. When I lived in the Village on Longboat Key there was a throng of "wild" Peacocks. They had been driven out of every other block by annoyed neighbors into a six house radius at which my house was the center. They are endangered or might come after you in the night since they are the size of Great Danes; so my neighbors protected them. It wasn't even the tourists stopping to take pictures of them in my yard, it was the mess and the loud squawking. I can still imitate them, it is quite a party favor for anyone who has lived with Peacocks. However, I do approve of the Peacock cuff above. Designed by Pippa Small and made of 14k gold and Labradorite (!!!), it is finally a Peacock related item that I can stomach after a decade of distain. It is also 14,000 Pounds on Astley Clarke.
Next is something more affordable and less Peacock. A Carnelian cuff by Asha by ADM. It is listed as approximately $995 also on Astley Clarke. But the designer Ashley Dodgen-McCormick's current collection is on her website. She is the next collectible and elegant jewelry designer, at very affordable prices using high quality stones in timeless designs. I encourage the purchase of some of her jewelry. The cuff below is a brilliant start.

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Alanna said...

what pretty cuffs!!!