Friday, June 5, 2009

She's a Hoot

My friend Genevieve loves Owls (so does Ali). Genevieve really loves them because she is a funny person, the life of the party...and she says she's "a hoot".

Who doesn't need a mascot to remind them that they are witty and fun to be around? This is a vintage owl belt, a mere $14 on Day Lab, a website that carries quirky vintage items most of them less than $30. I bought myself some sweet HB initials there over the winter, although I might look a little too O.G.* in them.

*That's "Original Gangster" for those of you born later than 1985, ref: Ice-T.

1 comment:

ck bradley said...

OMG. If vieve got her hands on that she'd probably wear it as an Arabian Princess Tiara