Friday, February 10, 2012

Creatures in the Wind, FW12

Little kicks off any fashion week like stripes. And leather. 
(You know how I feel about stripes; it's my favorite color next to pink...)
Here are some treats from Creatures in the Wind to get you thinking about your Fall-Winter 2012 wardrobe before you have even started wearing your Spring-Summer 2012 collection. The silhouettes, texture, and pattern are nothing short of divine. 
Keep an eye on Creatures, they have a nice mix about them. (PS not to mention their genius Grey Gardens looking stage)
Pink and Orange! My current favorite color combo.  I love clashing.  (I recall when my mom told me what "clashing colors" meant and I think I was a little confused because I love color so much I think they all go together in one form or another.)

Striped leather. Hello. Love. I am not a huge red and black fan; it's a hangover from the not great shiny black leather-ness of the late 80s (think bad sectionals and satin).
But I do love the Desperately Seeking Susan* pointy-toe boots very much. Indeed.
*PS if you're under 30 you really need to note-take-while-watching Desperately Seeking Susan. It could be the best 80s-NYC-East-Village-CBGB's punk princess style time capsule on film. The boots "Susan" trades for her incredible pyramid jacket are insane. Get back to me on this.

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