Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Scream...

I have been a little off radar...and right about now I am kind of tired of looking at Fall Winter.  Most people are wearing it and watching it.  Let's talk about the colors of SPRING and SUMMER! Yay!  Those are my seasons (although I do crave a nice tweed and boot). 
I am sure you are all but saturated with the March issues of This & That...the giant Vogue or the slim regional magazine reports on Spring fashion.  No matter what the Mulberry Spring campaign may not have escaped your tired eyes.  GORGEOUS.  Never has a melted ice cream cone or scattered wrappers looked so enticing. 
The animal print maxi dress (left) is amaze. 

Stripes galore! Saltwater! Pink!
Holiday Bayswater.  Happy Birthday to me?

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