Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scarf Love, Part Deux

Now I am thinking of the silk scarf.  It is, afterall, 75 degrees here this week.  In the morning I can get away with wrapping a gauzy number around my neck, but by early afternoon it feels like a self-induced sauna.  I know, to have such problems.  I am working on embracing this temperate challenge to open my mind to different forms of expression (in fashion).
Welcome Back, Silk Scarf.
I found some lovely images online.  Some realistic, some not so much unless you are Iris Apfel or en route to a Comme des Garcons show.  Embrace the accessory.  Always.  Happy Scarfing*.
*if you're in a latitude where you are still wrapping the cashmere kind, don't worry your silk days are as close to popping up as those daffodils...
Courtesy of the folks at Kate Spade.  Good reminders and how-to imagery.  I love pictures!

The dreamiest way to wear a silk scarf.  And the dreamiest way to nap. 
Hermes (of course).

This is a real statement.  Made in a statement-kind-of-place (note the plethora of cabs).

Love the ikat.  Again, statement look (note the buildings = NYC).  I admire it but I would look like I used a scarf instead of a towel that morning...and forgot.  Don't be afraid to try new things...but know your limits. 

If you are afraid to embrace your inner silk scarf wearer, there's always the option to frame! Gorgeous!  Wall of Hermes.  Love.
Bonne nuit mon ami! 

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