Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Layers, part one...Inspiration: Helena Bonham Carter in Her "More is More Phase"

Ok, let me start by saying I love layers.  In some places it is a mode of survival.  Some people take layers the wrong way and use them almost as camoflage.  Helena Bonham Carter had a stint with layers that didn't do her style reputation much good.  Then again she is gorgeous, British, and married to Tim Burton so I am pretty sure I will allow her some room for error in her chosen means of expression through fabric. 
A layered look of HBC's. 
Another multi-layered and textured creation.  She may have been pregnant in these photos.  See, even having to wonder about that means that maybe there were too many layers...
And so this brings me to some possible inspiration for the following looks.  My disclaimer being that I really enjoy some layering. 
Chris Benz FW 2012. New York. 
Clearly inspired layering.  I think this look is charming and has some redeeming qualities.  Charming.  Like Helena Bonham Carter.

Marc Jacobs FW 2012. New York.
Marc didn't do it again in my opinion (see previous Marc related posts).  I love Marc.  He is a trend-setter, a leader in the industry.  And I am hoping this will not become a trend. 
There are a few good details, but overall feel is a hot mess.  Sorry Marc.  This is not my last word on some of these kooky layered looks.  Stay tuned. 

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