Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fur Sure

Yes, I know it's kind of a hokey title.  Puns amuse me. 
Fur has been everywhere on the runways (more on that later) and the street.  When you live in a cold city and you have to walk to most of your destinations believe me you want to own a fur coat.  A real fur, not a faux polyester fur that the wind whips through like a mesh bathing suit.  Shearling, mink, lynx. 
Currently it happens to be chilly on the majority of the Earth's land's no wonder that a plethora of fur is wandering around on the sidewalks north of the equator.
Chevron fur. I am not sure if this is real or faux.  Cool.  NYFW.

Wrap fur. I like this look overall.  Navy is so chic!  This would almost be predictable in black, but in navy she really stands out. There's nothing more luxe than dragging a fur.

Party fur.

Stockholm fur. Brr. You know it's cold there and she is dedicated in that fur to sit outside and have a smoke.
Ah this fur is so gorgeous I cannot stand it. If it was a vest I would probably implode and spend the rest of the week trying to find one.  

Kate fur. Always looking chic. And I die for fur vests.  As you know.
 I. Love. Them. I. Cannot. Own. Too. Many. Fur. Vests. I know my husband Mr. M is listening and he already thinks I am nuts. I changed fur vests yesterday three times.  It was chilly here and I saw an opportunity.

Print mix fur. Fur in a texture beyond fur plus a chic printed scarf?! Sign me UP.
I think this is from Stockholm where I like to imagine most women dress like this. Cool.  

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