Tuesday, February 14, 2012


As most of you know I am not terribly Cali-centric even though I am currently typing this from somewhere south of the Grapevine.  I do appreciate so much of what California has provided - strawberries in January, delicious wine and beautiful places to taste man made nectar, and of course style.  California style has often been born of necessity - whether it be strolling a red carpet or the boardwalk.  What puzzles me the most is that when poking around said areas above, Californians seem to be lacking a style direction.  I have said it before.  The women appear not to know if they are attending a beach bonfire, drum circle, red carpet event, or going to Starbucks. 
While I appreciate this newly christened mash-up term "Cali-eccentric", I think you will find that it too doesn't have a clear direction.  It's a little boho, a little punk, a little beach, and a little 70s.  Either way it's clear this is a shared perspective.  Note the similarities below: Rachel Zoe FW 2012 and the new line Skaist-Taylor FW 2012.
Rachel Zoe FW 2012
I like this look. I love a maxi with some edge. 

Skaist-Taylor FW 2012
Names sound familiar? They are the ex founders of Juicy Couture (now owned by Liz Claiborne). Note you won't find any words printed on velour in this line.  It is luxe and 70s and all the way Cali-eccentric.  I am still confused about California though. 

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