Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wishing I was a bit more Neutral...

I have these grandiose ideas about an all-neutral decor in my next home. I dream. The fact is that I adore color and graphic patterns that instinctively push me toward chinoiserie, Chippendale, and anything pink. It's not a horrific dilemma, really. Maybe I can discipline myself into one neutral room next time. Or I need more than one house...
See below for my latest neutral inspiration. It's all texture and layers and delicious creams, whites, and dried grass colors. Chic.
entree! love the hide rug and statuary...
succulents make everything juicier (pardon the puns)
A collective *sigh* for the bleached tortoise shell plus leopard print please?
Now if I really had self control I would have the nerve to show off open shelves.  The fact of the matter is that I am a schitzo when it comes to dishes (LOVE!) and I cannot commit to white or clear or chic transparent.  So my shelves would look like a bad day at Goodwill.  Congrats to the well-edited person who can handle such increidble chic-ery (new word, you heard it here first).
In an ideal world where my yellow labrador does not shed, or if she does, she sheds clear colored fur.
The table is the star - and who knew that the giant pendant wouldn't steal the spotlight? (haha, get it?)

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