Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I am lucky enough to live a short distance from gorgeous Savannah, Georgia. I don't get there nearly enough; I suppose the fact that a bridge and a state line separates me from downtown is a mental throwback to my isolation on Aquidneck Island. Nevertheless I need to remind myself to venture (easily) down the way for heaps of inspiration that waxes and wanes from the late 17th century to mod thinking art students. The mix is magical, and makes for excellent boutique shopping adventures (as well as architecture appreciation that is unavoidable!).
Number Four Eleven on Whitaker Street - gorgeous store carrying chic interiors and luxe linens (just my bag!)
Incredible Plum glass chandelier at Paris Market on Broughton Street
Lovely display at Paris Market - a FAVORITE store of mine. I am always curious what gorgeous displays they have dreamt up
Macabre/religious display at Paris Market
Blue and White and other deliciousness at One Fish Two Fish on Whitaker - LOVE this store too! Check out the Annex across the street for chic clothing picks (Elizabeth McKay) and the CIRCA outlet in the adjacent garage. Worth a trip.
Lovely vignette at One Fish Two Fish
Jones Street from Whitaker - Savannah is so incredibly beautiful nearly everywhere you look.  When you start looking even closer it gets more and more incredible - !!!
Feathery tablescape at Paris Market
Chic shop d. luxe on Whitaker - herein lies the entire collection of 24 scents of the incredible Savannah Squares Canlde collection.  On Whitaker.  This store is also GORGEOUS inside.  Say hi to Sally for me (woof!).

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