Friday, January 18, 2013

Punk Inspired

My style preferences run the gamut (I had to look up how to spell that word, btw).  I range from admiring excessive grande dame style sparklers to uber prep gear punctuated by plaid and stripes (ooh it makes me happy just typing about it!) all the way over to the far dark side of asymmetrical avant garde slash anything born out of ripped punk street style courtesy of London's late seventies and NYC's gorgeous eighties.  Whew!  That was a mind full.  I love it all. 
In early high school I dabbled in punkisms.  I never went too far - the private all-girls school I attended would not have allowed too extreme of a movement.  My mother wasn't a fan either.  My Salvation Army inspirations were met with a lot of nonplussed-ness and comments about how "cute" I looked in "clothes that fit me" and "colors".
The thing is, traditional "preppy" style and "punk" are close cousins.  You really cannot have one without the other.  I was "expressing myself" by listening to college radio punk rock, attending concerts, dying my hair red (I discovered the other day my mother blocked this memory out), and wearing super rebellious concert t-shirts. Ooooh.  By the time I could drive I was coming out of it and into pink, plaid, and full on prep.  I was still rocking out to some Agent Orange while driving my 1982 Saab to the Flats (Cleveland) to check out whomever was playing at Peabody's Down Under*.
*How did I get in?  Were they "all ages" shows? 
I am rambling.  The bottom line is that this photo of Johnny Rotten (below) reminds me of that familial relationship between preppy and punk.  I like it all...

Johnny Rotten in London. That hole ridden shetland sweater is something truly inspired.  In the budding days of punk these folks had to be truly creative.  Their only designer was whatever concoctions darling Vivienne Westwood
was cooking up at "Let It Rock" on the King's Road.

Another British champion.  A look from Burberry's FW 2013 Collection.
 I would LOVE this fox clutch. 
Do you see the studs and fox so closely knit? 
Fox hunting meets brit punk movement circa 2013.
Loving all of it.

True that.  Let's keep it mixed up.  Until next time...

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